Magellan update!

Less than a month after release, Magellan has a big first update! This addresses user requests and more. Here's just the highlights.

What's New:

  • Integrated MIDI Out with the arps, chordmaker and the sequencer. Can now control other MIDI apps and devices using these Magellan modules.  
  • WIST Integration: use Magellan in sync with WIST compatible apps on other iOS devices. Operate Magellan as master or slave, and set target or source individually for each arp and the sequencer.  
  • LFO tempo syncing, with 16 note values to choose from, including dotted and triplet notes  
  • Added "Fx Source Latch" preference under the "Prefs" panel: allows user to specify FX Source selection behaviour when loading presets or switching the foregrounded synth engine.  
  • Automatic BPM detection for external clock syncing
  • Preset "INIT" feature in the Preset Browser: use INIT to clear synth parameters to start programming a new patch from scratch  
  • Added "Save Changes" button in the Preset Browsers: use to save changes to current preset without re-entering preset name.  
  • Sustain pedal support on MIDI CC 64  

Buy Magellan on iTunes: $14.99

I remember reading someone requesting the Initialize Patch feature, so they've got you covered! I'm particularly impressed with the MIDI out from the Arp, Chordmaker, and even the sequencer. Here is a demo video Yonac put out to show it off.

DrumJam is out!

The long awaited DrumJam is now available as an Universal iOS app! It even launched 50% off!

iTunes Description:

Designed by award winning international percussionist Pete Lockett and Sonosaurus LLC, the developer of ThumbJam, this app is a real first for percussion. Pete has been top of his game for decades and has performed with the stars, from Peter Gabriel and Bjork to Robert Plant, Dido, Jeff Beck and many more. He has also worked extensively in the film industry, arranging and recording all the ethnic percussion for five Bond 007 films. The app is a direct and personal route to his rhythm factory with all the individual percussion parts recorded by Pete. These are not ineffective sequenced patterns but actual recorded audio waiting to groove with rhythm at multiple tempos through your very own mobile device.

Buy DrumJam on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale)

Hands-on: Miselu Neiro

Palm Sounds' Ashley Elsdon visited the guys at Miselu, and got to play with the Neiro! He's got some great details too!

Why Android and what about latency?

In terms of the OS Miselu decided to use Android early on mainly because of the openness of the platform but recognising the shortcomings of it and the fact that it didn't have many of the media components that developers have come to expect with iOS.

In terms of the latency that I'd normally expect from Android apps, the prototype was nowhere near as bad as I'd expected at all with the Korg Polysix running on their reference device. I've used a handful of Android devices and this device didn't suffer from the issues that those have in terms of latency. In fact it was really quite reasonable when you take into account that this is not the finished hardware.

It turns out that addressing the latency issue is a lot to do with their SDK which is still in development but is something that Miselu have put a lot of time into in order to enable developers a straightforward solution to bringing their apps to the Neiro platform. This leads to lots of other exciting possibilities, but more of that another day I think.

This could be the kick in the ass Google needs to start taking musicians seriously! Read the whole hands-on interview here.

Steinberg LoopMash Update

Steinberg has an iOS app! Big news to both me and Steinberg apparently, as they have issued the first update for it in a year.

This loop arranger seems to have a great design with a lot of features and functionality, but absent from those is the ability to import your own! They want you to buy theirs in the In-App Store.

Today's update does add the ability to record and export though!

Buy LoopMash HD on iTunes: $11.99

Buy LoopMash on iTunes: $3.99 (iPhone)

Buy LoopMash Free on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

Despite the IAP-money-grabbing forced cripple, this seriously looks slick as hell. It is at least worth checking out the tutorial video.


DSP Mobile released Loudness today. This peak monitoring app is $140 which has two interesting side-effects.

Firstly there is the obvious laughter and ridicule. False scarcity in the digital age has always had that effect; even more so in the world of apps. The second side-effect is that Apple requires any app over $100 to be Rated 17+, and carries with it a warning that it contains:

Frequent/Intense Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

Fortunately there is a free version. According to iTunes it seems to have all of the functionality and none of the intense drug use. It will just nag you to buy it after a little while.

Buy Loudness on iTunes: $139.99

Buy Loudness Lite on iTunes: Free

Nakano Syun snagged the free version to try it out.
You might want to lower your volume, he took the name as a personal challenge.

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