Echo Pad Update

Holderness Media have released the first update for Echo Pad, adding lots of new features. It is also on sale!

New features:

  • New scratch loopers! In addition to the main looper, these new mini loopers allow you to quickly record a loop and manipulate the playback speed/direction by dragging. These loopers are also routed back through the FX, so you can further manipulate the sound after the loop is recorded.
  • NEW delay type: Fall (echoes cascade down in pitch with each repeat)
  • Enable/Disable audio input. Use this to turn off external audio input when playing back and processing audio from the pasteboard.
  • Toggle background audio on/off.
  • added audio metronome


  • improved slider response
  • improved BPM detection when setting BPM from first loop
  • reverb improved
  • changed font of control labels for better legibility

Buy Echo Pad on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $2.99)

Fat & Lazy Contest Winners and Download!

Thank you very much to everyone who participated this month in both the designing and voting! Your continued interest has got me already planning next month's contest!

We had a 3 way tie for 2nd, so Fletcher from Sunsine Audio suggested we just call it and have 4 winners this month! Here they are:

dswo's Ozymandias
Angel Alvarado's El Vago (The Lazy)
Kevin's Phat & Lacey
Trueyorky's Evolving Bass

Congratulations guys! You'll each be receiving one preset pack of your choice from Sunsine Audio! Everyone who participated this month also received a free copy of Noisepad!

Now the rest of us can have some fun with a preset pack that includes all of the contributions. I've also included 3 of my own bass patches to make a nice round number of 10 in this pack. Click below to download!

Fat & Lazy Contest Preset Pack

  • El Vago - Angel Alvarado
  • Fat Bastard - pantsofdeath
  • Phat and Lacey - Kevin
  • Fat Lazy Duke - Duke
  • Ozymandias - dswo
  • Evolving Bass - Trueyorky
  • Lazy S.O.B. - Vincent Tiggelman
  • Obsessive - Tim Webb
  • Itchy Acid - Tim Webb
  • Fat & Lazy - Tim Webb

To use these you'll need NLog Pro, and today is a good time to get that while it is on sale!

Buy NLogSynth Pro on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, $14.99)

Sunsine Audio make an Impact!

BeepStreet's Impaktor is very cool, earning an Awesome! in the Buyer's Guide, but it can be kind of daunting to design patches for. Fortunately professional preset designer Sunsine Audio took up the challenge! Sunsine Audio is also having a sale on every Sunsine product until 11/28/2012, as well as dropping the price and extending the length on the iOS subscription service from 3 months to 4!

Sunsine Audio is back with Impact, a set of 64 new presets for Impaktor, the acclaimed five star drum app from Beepstreet, developer of the venerable Sunrizer. This pack makes full use of every aspect of both synthesis engines. Physical Modeling is explored through the "Membrane" and "Resonator" sections, Noise Shaping through the "Noise + Vocoder" section, and Frequency Modulation though the FM synthesizer section. Many of the presets contain a combination of these techniques interacting and combining in various ways, including some "tuned" presets that allow playing discreet pitches in a scale depending on the frequency of the impulse. In this manner some presets allow a melody to be played in the style or spirit of a talking drum or steel drum.

The sounds in this set range from classic "ethnic" sound types such as clay or frame, steel, or talking drums, to more traditional electronic sounding drums, and finally futuristic style percussion and drum sounds which may be defined as industrial, alien, or hybrid instruments.

Download Free Preview Pack

Buy Impact at Sunsine Audio: $1.99 (On Sale, from $2.49)

Rheyne Jam #63

Rheyne is trying a new setup in his latest jam. Everything you hear is coming from Native Instrument's Massive and Kontakt.

Video Description:

Testing a new live setup using only USB controllers and two wireless iPads with Ableton Live. There is no audio input for this jam. All audio is from NI's Massive and Kontakt.

Download or stream the audio at SoundCloud:

Akai APC20
Akai MPD26 triggering NI's Kontakt (drums)
Oxygen 49 triggering NI's Kontakt (piano)
Oxygen 25 triggering NI's Massive (monophonic)
iPad running SoundPrism Pro triggering NI's Massive (polyphonic)
iPad running Lemur
PreSonus 1818VSL / Macbook Pro / Ableton Live

3x Chauvet Slim Par 56

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99


Buy SoundPrism Pro on iTunes: $15.99

NLog Sales!

For only the third time in Tempo Rubato's two-year history, NLog is on sale! Thanks to hoyas79 for the heads-up on this one!

NLog is one of the apps that will be supporting Audiobus at launch! I've been having a lot of fun with it in beta testing, since it can be used as either an Input or an Insert Effect. That means apps without their own effects can be run through NLog's effects, before being sent on to your recording app.

You can read more about Audiobus integration in my little interview with developer Rolf Wöhrmann.

Buy NLogSynth Pro on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, $14.99)

Buy NLog MIDI Synth for iPhone on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

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