Three Animoog Space Jam

Alexander Furman from Sumo Elevator, hooked up 2 iPads and an iPhone all running Animoog. What follows is a wild exploration through space on overdrive. At about 2:30 he comes back down to earth and makes some really nice sounding Human music!

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99


Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $9.99

PPG WaveGenerator Updated with MIDI Out

Wolfgang Palm's WaveGenerator has been updated with Hardware and Virtual MIDI oututs. Or at least the option is there. The actually MIDI output might have to wait for 2.1.

What's new in 2.0:

  • Virtual and Hard MIDI Output
  • MIDI Poly Pressure
  • Touch Keyboard Extensions
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Buy PPG WaveGenerator on iTunes: $19.99

As you see the Setup page now includes a MIDI Destination selector. However, in my own tests I've found this is not actually working. I've tried Virtual, Hardware, and Wireless MIDI. WaveGenerator does not seem to be sending anything at all.

Could someone please test to confirm or correct this?

Correction: Thanks to readers Rafael Ollero and Grey Burkart who figured out the trick is to set the Keys to be using either Extenral or Both. I mistook that for controlling WaveGenerator's own synth engine; as either being driven internally or externally.

Arturia iMini - Minimoog for iPad!

Arturia have released their first iPad app! iMini is their recreation of the Minimoog, and a great start for Arturia on a new platform.

iTunes Description:

iMini is a recreation of the classic 1971 Minimoog™ synthesizer, one of most iconic synthesizers of all time.

Based on the TAE® technology found in our award winning Mini V software, iMini offers a level of sound quality never before found on the iPAD as well as over 500 sounds by leading sound designers.

We have also partnered with the Bob Moog Foundation so that a portion of each sale goes to support their work in music education via the Dr. Bob Sound school program, making available the archives of Dr. Bob Moog and funding the dream to build the Moogseum.

Buy iMini on iTunes: $9.99

The iTunes description is actually super long, so this is the abridged version. Highlights include CoreMIDI support, but there is no support for iPad 1s. It is also Tabletop-Ready! Once you install it you can essentially use the same app from inside of Tabletop. This is a neat idea, but Tabletop is going to bloat like mad if they keep this up. Presently my Tabletop directory is 850MB, which isn't terrible, but still big on a 16GB iPad!

Here is a tutorial video from the official website.

Tabletop Updated with New Instruments and Effects

Retroynms updated their Tabletop app today with new devices, instruments and effects. Thanks to reader Simon for the heads-up!

Among the new features here is Arturia's iMini, also released today, which is a Tabletop-Ready app, like Akai's iMPC! iMini is Arturia's recreation of the Minimoog.

What's new in 2.1:

  • New Tabletop-Ready device: iMini
  • New effect: BOOMROOM
  • New instrument: CUEBOARD
  • New effect: DEADBEAT
  • Stability fixes
  • iMPC sequencer crash and tune knob fix
  • Cloudseeder fixes and Featured List fix

Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Free

Here's a recent down-tempo jam from iterabyte that explores many of the instruments and effects in Tabletop.

How to Get Free Phrases in Yamaha Music Sequencer

Ordinarily I wouldn't post details on how to circumvent IAPs, but this is both so obvious and tedious that I think it is safe to share.

YouTuber BEAT 'n' VISION figured out that you can save phrases from the demos, for use in your own songs! The process looks quite laborious though, so I think Yamaha's profits are safe. Unless you are seriously hard-up for cash, you ought to just buy the IAPs. Also the price on the app itself will be going up at the end of the month, so legitimate deal hunters take note!

Buy Mobile Music Sequencer - US on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

Buy Mobile Music Sequencer - International on iTunes: £6.99/€8.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

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