Cubasis Demo: Recording Audio

Ryan Hemeon from iOS MARS has a new demo of recording audio in Cubasis. There is also a Part 2 on Syncing with Audiobus.

Here Ryan remasters Nine Inch Nail's Wish, and adds his own guitar playing into the mix.

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Friday Fry Session

The iPad Musician Facebook Group asked me to participate in their 303 pattern challenge. The rules are simple: quick, dirty, iOS apps only. Challenge accepted! You can join in the fun too, and the winner gets a copy of Audulus! Deadline is tomorrow.

I grabbed bleep!BOX for this, as it is my favorite of the 303-alikes on iOS. It isn't my favorite because they are a sponsor, but bleep!BOX is a sponsor because it is my favorite! I'm using the pitch envelopes, unique to bleep!BOX among similar apps, on the bassline to give it a nice happy bounce. All parts, including drums, are from bleep!BOX with no additional apps or effects.

In the spirit of the challenge I gave myself only 1 hour to put this all together from an initialized patch, then recorded a live session in Display Recorder. I think you'll agree that this is both quick and dirty!

Buy bleep!BOX on iTunes: $7.99

WWDC2013: Make iOS 7 Rumors & Win Nave!

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference is happening next week, and already there is a lot of speculation about what Apple will be showing. It is believed they are set to reveal the next version of OS X. Having exhausted all available Big Cat names, the crack team of professional tech journalists at TWiT expect the next version of OS X will be dubbed after Meme Cats; with the next being OS X: Grumpy Cat.

There are also a lot of rumors about Apple announcing iOS 7 and its features, ahead of the annual iOS Obsolesce Event in September. Last September I ran a little contest to come up with the most outrageous predictions. In that contest David won a copy of Impaktor, with his out of left field guess that the iPhone 5 would have a a single unified carrier radio chip.

I usually try to keep rumors and speculation off this site, but Apple encourages this with their secretive relationship to the press, so...

Make iOS 7 rumors to win a copy of Waldorf Nave!

Let's do the same thing for WWDC! Make up some completely wild rumor about what we'll see in iOS 7. Whoever is closest to an actual feature we hear about on Monday will win a copy of Nave (when it is released)!

This is not a, "What would you like to see?" This is a, "Wouldn't it be wild if they did this?" Just leave your rumors here in the comments. Submissions end when the WWDC keynote starts on Monday.

NanoStudio Live Session

Pablo Lopez Lozano shared a live session in NanoStudio, building up a whole song from scratch in an impressive display of talent and quick thinking!

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $6.99

Review: Waldorf Nave

Smite Matter is the first to get up a review for Waldorf's Nave synthesizer, expected to arrive soon on iPad!

From the review:

Nave is a powerful twin wavetable oscillator synthesizer with a single classic oscillator (with all the basic waveforms) and the pulse racing “Uberwave” function. You have hands on control over numerous options to tweak the many choices of wavetables, (in full screen “Edit” mode) 7 different 3D views. Very fine tuning is easily done by touch to fully customize any wavetable. Full ADSR envelope controls over each oscillator, 2 multi waveform LFOs, fully adjustable pitch/bend wheels and modulation options at every corner. The amount of modulation options really are nothing short of amazing.

At last count there were 500 plus factory presets being shipped with Nave at launch. Nave is pure sound design heaven!

On Twitter Smite was asked about iPad 2 compatibility, which Rolf Wöhrmann answered with: "iPad2 is ok. iPad1 won't work."

Read the full review on Smite Matter's blog.

Buy Waldorf Nave on iTunes: $19.99

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