Sample Lab developer, fotoh LLC, have released MagMIDI. A free magnetic Virtual MIDI controller for iPad.

Magnetometer virtual MIDI controller to control pitch wheel and mod wheel of any synth app that supports virtual MIDI. Supports multitasking so you can play keys with one hand in a synth app and have fine control over mod or pitch wheel with a magnet in the other hand.

Using core MIDI, audio backgrounding, along with the Z axis readings off the magnetometer... negative pole vs. positive pole of the magnets will trigger pitch up or down. Sends pitchwheel, modwheel, and random note commands w/ poly-aftertouch.

Made during the 2012 RVA Hackathon:

Buy MagMIDI on iTunes: Free

What a neat little treat!

They caution against using any extraordinarily strong magnets. I'm not sure about the iPad, most devices with data storage tend not to like strong magnets. Your iPad screen will definitely not be improved by a massive neodymium magnet flinging at it.

Roland A-88/A-49 Keyboards

Roland have announced new keyboard controllers, which are USB-bus powered for use with iPad via the Camera Connection Kit.

The 88-key model has weighted piano-style keys, while the 49-key version has more traditional synth-action keys. I am intensely amused by the idea of the massive A-88 plugged into an iPad. Pricing and release dates are not mentioned.

Future DJ is now Universal

Future DJ's iOS app is now Universal, and still at its lower iPhone price!

What's New:

  • Supports MIDI hardware controllers on iPad (Akai LPD8, Numark DJ2Go) -- Camera Connection Kit
  • automix complete playlists
  • 8-bank sampler (play, mix, beat-match small sounds - iPad only)
  • whole-track waveform display (iPad only)
  • effects XY pad (with 9 different effects you can combine, iPad only)
  • multiple hot-cue points (iPad only)
  • advanced loop features (iPad only)
  • EQ kill switches (iPad only)
  • record your mixes
  • external mixer support

Buy Future DJ on iTunes: $3.99

Arctic Keys gets 64 free Sunsine Presets!

One Red Dog has announced the latest Arctic update should be live on your local iTunes, with 64 Presets from Sunsine Audio.

This is awesome news and I'm not just saying that because they are both sponsors! Objectively; everyone comments about how much they appreciate Sunsine's sound designs.

Arctic had the interesting idea of releasing with a whole bunch of community made presets, but this was a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it launched with a lot of presets for various genres. On the other hand though, there was no normalization, everyone made the sounds with their own monitoring environments leading to some being too quite and others too loud.

Now you get those and a truly professional pack for free!

Buy Arctic Keys on iTunes: $4.99

Here is a demo Fletcher at Sunsine Audio put together to show off one of the new presets, Retro Arp.

Drawing Waves in PPG Wavegenerator

The PPG Wavegenerator teasing continues, with a really cool video on how drawing your own waves works.

Between this and the video we saw yesterday, I am increasingly impressed with how well designed this app is!

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