Toa Mata Band: Episode 1

Opificio Sonico has started a video series for their Toa Mata Band, a collection of toy robots controlled by Arduinos and apps!

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Audiobus Updates for Beat Shuffler & Peter Vogel CMI

Several interesting new additions to Audiobus arrived today! I'm especially excited to see Beat Shuffler was updated with Audiobus!

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Reader Simon wrote in with news about Peter Vogel CMI, the app formerly known as Fairlight CMI. In addition to Audiobus support, which is also available in the $10 version, Peter Vogel announced a new contest for $1,000 cash!

$1000 ‘CMI on the Bus’ Competition

To celebrate the release of the Audiobus-capable version of the CMI App, Peter Vogel Instruments presents the “CMI on the Bus” competition.

To enter the competition, create a video and upload it to YouTube. The video must include at least:
• Music composed by you and performed on the CMI app using Audiobus. It can use a sequence or live playing or both.
• Footage of you using the app on a bus of your choice.

You are encouraged to include some explanation or exposition of the creative process on your YouTube posting. Collaboration with other musicians is also a plus.

Entries must be submitted by 17:00 (AEST), 30th April, 2013. The winner will be a Peter Vogel Instruments staff choice, but comments posted under the YouTube videos will be taken into account. The top three entrants will also receive some great PVI merchandise.

To enter:

  • Upload your video to YouTube
  • Complete the entry form on the official website.
  • Enter the link to your video in the form where indicated
  • Allow up to 48 hours for your entry to appear on this page
  • Entries close 12:00 (AEST), 30th April, 2013

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$1,000 cash is nice and all, but I'm so happy about the Beat Shuffler news! This is a fun app that even pulled me away from stuffing myself on Thanksgiving to do this review.

Ytatsl - Static Operation (Live)

YouTuber Ytatsl Limz has an interesting minimal-glitch live jam in this video with Samplr and an Elektron Octotrack.

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MIDI Designer Update

MIDI Designer received a nice big update today, including the official Antares/Peavey AT-200 layout we saw at NAMM.

What's new in 1.5:

This update moves the best MIDI controller even further ahead. 1.5.0 is an even blend between new features and defect fixes. Some of the new features:

  • Piano-key shapes for designing keyboards
  • Layer controls front-to-back
  • Mail and open individual pages from other apps
  • Activate presets and change page banks from controls
  • Always-lit display option for buttons
  • Improved performance on outgoing MIDI messages
  • New: Panic Button
  • MIDI Designer comes with the official Antares/Peavey AT-200 Layout included

For a complete list of all the defect fixes and new enhancements, please see

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This update is not yet available for the Lite version. Here's a tutorial of the 1.5 features from developer Dan Rosenstark.

Sound Wand MIDI Updated with Improved MIDI

Club 15CC has released an update for their Sound Wand MIDI app, along with a new demo video.

What's new in 1.0.2

  • Settings styles bug fixed
  • MIDI Pitch Bend option in addition to CC's for device angles
  • Better Wifi MIDI connection notification (still not perfect but we're nearly there)

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