iOS MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy

Jay Coggin was up to some interesting MIDI hacking over the weekend, with iOS MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The goal of this project is similar to the WiFi MIDI device, Missing Link, providing wireless MIDI connections for old MIDI gear that doesn't have it. Jay describes his project as being particularly useful for bringing connections for lots of different gear.

This proof-of-concept video shows it working, with an as yet unreleased ROTOSynth app and Logic!

QuNeo with iMS-20

Keith McMillen Instruments has uploaded a video of their new QuNeo controller with Korg's iMS-20!


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Yamaha Visual Performer Demo

Mario Ajero from The Piano Podcast hooked up Yamaha's latest visualization app to his grand piano for a grand demo!

Video Description:

Just downloaded the Yamaha Visual Performer app for the iPad and connected it to my Disklavier Mark IV Grand Piano. As you can see, it works very well with it and any other MIDI device.

Buy Visual Performer - US on iTunes: Freemium

Buy Visual Performer - International on iTunes: Freemium

MIDI Jitter on iOS

As more musicians start taking iOS seriously, the expectations for apps become increasingly serious too. A thread on KVR laments MIDI timing and jitter issues with apps. Kevin McCoy replied with a great video documenting his own struggles.

This guy has a lot of gear, he is used to trying to keep his timings and track delays tight in his rig, so it is worth hearing him out.

A damning example of iOS failing to live up to the needs of serious musicians! I immediately set out to do my own tests. I noticed he's using Animoog for iPhone on his iPad, so I started there. I had the same results at even 60 BPM with Animoog for iPhone.

The recorded notes should be on the lines, or at least consistently distant from the lines. These are all over the fucking place!

Update: I got in touch with Amos, Moog Product Development Specialist, and showed him this article. He is on the case!

That is some terrible jitter. I switched over to Animoog for iPad, running a similar patch, to compare results.

Much more consistent!

At this point I should probably detail my MIDI setup. From my PC I'm going out via USB to my keyboard, then out of my keyboard's secondary MIDI DINs, into an M-Audio Uno USB-MIDI adapter, into a camera connection kit, connected to the iPad. Far from ideal, this is a sloppy mess. Some amount of jitter is unavoidable with any external MIDI hardware, but these results from the iPad version of Animoog are something I think most people could live with. To test this further I did the same tests with Magellan and BassLine, both at 60, 120 and 160BPM.

Magellan for iPad

Finger's BassLine

Once again, excellent results from both! I was beginning to think the problem may be related iPhone apps running on iPads, so I tried another test with Sunrizer XS.

Everything looks good in Sunrizer XS too!

I'd be interested in hearing from other people and, if at all possible, similarly documented screenshots of recordings. It looks like this is just a bug with the iPhone version of Animoog, but that doesn't explain the issues experienced by the original thread author.

Sonic Touch #16: PPG WaveGenerator

In this episode Nick Batt and Gaz Williams play with PPG WaveGenerator, and the iPad shaped QuNeo MIDI controller.

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