TB MIDI Stuff Major Update

It is bizarre how often MIDI Designer and TB MIDI Stuff updates tend to coincide. Since MIDI Designer updated a couple of days ago, it was only a matter of time before TB MIDI Stuff did as well! Coincidence? Probably, but damned weird none the less.

Buy TB MIDI Stuff on iTunes: $4.99

What's new in 2.1.0:

Amazing New Features:

  • Custom Look Controls (Knobs, Sliders, Drum Pads, Piano Keys & Piano Keyboards, Jog Wheels, Led, Meters)

New Features:

  • Brand New Controls : Image Controls, Leds & Meters
  • Tooltips Wizards
  • Pick List Controls Fine Tune (double tap)
  • Internal Methods Call with Drum Pads
  • Panel Page Variable to quickly do multi panels pages
  • Default Value on Pick Lists

Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • SysEx messages now handle up to 17bits values
  • Background Audio On/Off switch
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

iThrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (iPhone Cover)

The Safehouse Project member Randy Chang put together an excellent iPhone cover of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Thrift Shop. Check out The Safehouse Project's YouTube Channel for more well produced videos, including the amusing Hoodini Loop.

Reactable Updated with Audiobus

Reactable has been updated with Audiobus. Surprisingly this update includes both input and output support!

What's new in 2.1.2:

  • New feature:
    Added AudioBus support (as input and output).
  • Fixes problem that caused problems when saving a table with the same name.
  • Fixes problem with table images not appearing on community.

Buy Reactable on iTunes: $9.99

GyroSynth Updated with MIDI

The unique GyroSynth app just got MIDI output for your gyrations!

Fans of BeepStreet's other apps, Sunrizer, and Impaktor, should check this out if you don't already own it.

Buy GyroSynth (iPhone) on iTunes: $2.99

Y1Map Mobile World Congress 2013

Leiko made this incredible AV Installation for Mobile World Congress 2013, with music produced in Samplr!

Thanks to reader Rafael for this find!

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $4.99

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