A new ear trainer released today for iPad, goodEar, offers a lot of customization over other ear trainers.

iTunes Description:

Professional musicians know, that having a good trained ear is one of the most important skills, a musician should have. goodEar was made to increase those skills and bring you on a new musical level!

It is made for all musicians, whether you are beginner or professional.


• Choose from four different modes: scales, chords, intervals, melodies
• Create your own exercises, depending on your personal approach. (No annoying wizards)!
• Play the exercises on piano or give the answer with multiple-choice
• Watch your progress in statistics
• Make highscores, and try to challenge yourself

goodEar was made with the knowledge of various professional musicians and teachers, for giving you high quality music education on the iPad.

Buy goodEar on iTunes: $3.99

6 Puppies Playing with an iPad

There is no news today, I've dug through everything. Not even a jam, or tutorial worth posting.

Even CDM is running an article on making music with house plants or someshit. Here are 6 puppies playing with Bebot.

Video Description:

6 - Six week old Yo-chon puppies play music on the iPad. The puppies are a Yorkie Bichon mix and I'm pretty sure the musical ability comes from the Yorkie side.

Please note that no dogs, puppies or iPads were harmed in the making of this video.

Buy Bebot on iTunes: $1.99

Stereopolitan - Moves Like Jagger (Violin iPad Cover)

German band Stereopolitan has a great combination of beautiful fräuleins singing and playing violin, with a nerd on an iPad. They have a very classic sound, mixed with modern modulations and effects from Ableton Live, being controlled by the touchAble app.

Video description:

This video demonstrates the use of a tablet computer for live modulation of an electric violin solo.

If you're digging their style, you should check out this performance at the Grimme Online Awards 2012, also with English lyrics.

Buy touchAble on iTunes: $24.99

DXi Updated with VirutalMIDI Input and Background Audio

Takashi Mizuhiki is on a roll with another nice update to DXi. The first thing I did was load it up into Genome and grin manically!

I'm excited to see development continues on this! And at such a rapid pace, just a couple of weeks after the last update. There have been several long months in which nothing happened, but this seems to show a renewed interested in the project. I sincerely hope that means we will see it supporting new music app technologies like Audiobus!

What's new:

  • Added background audio support.
  • Added virtual MIDI input port.
  • Fixed small bugs in MIDI handling.

Buy DXi FM Synthesizer on iTunes: $1.99

Rheyne in (MF)3D

Rheyne has a moody jam going on here with his MIDI Fighter 3D, SoundPrism Pro, Animoog and a DSI Mopho.

Video Description:

A live looping improv jam using the "MF3D Launcher" created by Tomash Ghzegovsky for the DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter 3D, basically turning the MF3D into an Ableton Live control surface with instantaneous response. Details are at DJTT's website:

SoundPrism Pro is wirelessly sending MIDI to an instance of NI's Massive. Animoog is sending and receiving MIDI through an iConnectMIDI. Lemur is wirelessly controlling filters and effects in Ableton Live. Also used is a DSI MoPho keyboard, and an Akai MPD26 controlling NI's Kontakt. All audio is passed through a PreSonus 1818VSL connected to a Macbook Pro running Ableton Live.

Special thanks to Tomash for creating a unique version of this template which turns the clip launch page into a 4x4 grid. I've re-colored the last bank of buttons to four vertical rows to match my own mapping for Ableton's loopers.

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