Putting the iPad Air CPU into the Red with Auria

Reader Anthony Alves has been doing a series on using Auria on the iPad 5, and concludes by maxing out the beefy new A7 CPU in the following video. You can see the whole series on his YouTube Channel.

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond (iSEM & GarageBand)

Sergio Paganini covered Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond in this synth-pad laden track with iSEM and GarageBand.

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Master FX

Igor Vasiliev has released the latest app in his Audio Mastering Studio suite: Master FX!

Master FX iTunes Description:

Multipurpose effect processor for guitar, synthesizer and voice, providing a wide range of high-quality and creative effects options for audio processing.

Includes a broad selection of audio processing options, comprehensive presets system, flexible audio routing options for connecting effect modules, audio player and recorder, low latency and highest quality of audio processing.

Built-in effects:

  • 3-Band parametric equalizer
  • Chorus
  • Flanger
  • Pitch modulator
  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Compressor
  • Limiter on main output

Main features:

  • Low-latency for real time playing.
  • Up to 6 effects at once.
  • Various options for connecting effect modules.
  • Processing of the two channels separately.
  • Built-in player with playlists feature.
  • Built-in recorder with switching sources (input, processed, output).
  • Individual presets for each effect module.
  • Global presets for all module parameters and connections.
  • Supports Audiobus in Effect or Output position.
  • Support Dropbox web service (you will need free Dropbox account).
  • Exchange files between applications through audio clipboard.
  • Access to files through internal Web service in local network.
  • Support for iTunes file share.


iPad 2 and higher is strongly recommended (especially with Audiobus).
Generally this application can be run on first generation iPad but there is a possibility of audio dropouts. Offline processing can be done with any iPad.

Buy Master FX on iTunes: $11.99

Robotic Drums

Beat Shuffler developer Big Robot Studios has released Robotic Drums, a Universal drum synth with a probability sequencer!

I've been playing with this a lot over the last week and really dig this sequencer. It combines my love of 16-step sequencer beat machines, with my love of serendipity, resulting in rhythms that stay interesting! The synthesis is also quite nice; not overly complicated, but also not dumbed-down with nonsense terminology like snap.

Robotic Drums iTunes Description:

Robotic Drums is an analog modeled drum synth coupled with a probability sequencer. This special combination, makes the app suitable for live sound manipulation, sequence experimentation and regular beats. The main highlights for this app are:

  • A minimalist interface, with a high emphasis in flow.
  • 6 analog modeled synthesized voices.
  • A probability sequencer. You control how "random" a sequence is.
  • Quantized pattern switching.
  • Dropbox support for saving sessions and sharing across devices.
  • AudioBus support.
  • Midi clock sync support.


There are 6 analog modeled synthesized voices, each with a noise and an oscillator section. This flexible configuration allows each voice to generate sounds that range from punchy bass drums, to snappy snares, to lo-fi tones, to sound effects and much else in between.

The Probability Sequencer

The sequencer for each voice is based on probabilities. A step on a sequence is not just a "switch" but a measure of "how likely is this step to be triggered". This allows for highly dynamic sequences that maintain a certain base, but never sound the same from one pass to another.

The Patterns Section

Each session can hold 16 patterns. Switching patterns in a live situation is always controlled by a "pattern quantization" parameter, which determines when the pattern switch actually happens. This allows for pattern switches to occur exactly when expected, maintaining the musical flow of a piece.


Sessions can be saved to Dropbox, this allows to share sessions across devices or even to use as an easy method to share patches with the community.

Buy Robotic Drums on iTunes: $4.99

Here's a new feature overview video. If you haven't already seen it you can check out Robotic Drums in this song too.

SampleMoog Added to IK Multimedia's SampleTank

IK Multimedia's SampleTank has been updated with Inter-App Audio Support and a new library of Moog samples, along with a video to show it off. The library is available as an In-App Purchase, which the video shows listed for $10, but iTunes is showing $20.

Buy SampleTank on iTunes: $19.99

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