Sonic Zoom - Make Music and Science!

While the vast majority of developers are content to merely make a buck, Queen Mary University student Robert Tubb is trying to make science. We saw Robert Tubb last year when he was working on his Masters Degree with a scanned synthesis app called The Wablet. He must have succeeded because he's back, and this time he's going for his PhD!

Sonic Zoom iTunes Description:

Sonic Zoom is a PhD research project from Queen Mary University. The app aims to look at how people interact with music synthesisers: how they adjust parameters and explore the vast range of sounds on offer.

There are two interfaces presented. The first is fairly standard: ten sliders that control each parameter. The second is more novel: a two-dimensional surface that can be scrolled and zoomed similar to a map. Every sound that can be made with the synth is located somewhere on this surface. If you find a sound you like, you can zoom in on it to explore smaller variations. You can save a sound and this will drop a marker on the surface. These markers are easy to revisit and can be smoothly interpolated between. Your path through the sound space is visible, so you can retrace your steps.

The first 15 minutes is a timed experiment. Users will then be asked to complete a quick questionnaire. After this you are free to use the app, and a few extra features will be unlocked as a reward.

Buy Sonic Zoom on iTunes: Free (Some Science Required)

What a novel idea! Help him do science and you get more features.

Neo-Soul Keys Updated with Audiobus

The already impressive electric piano library Neo-Soul Keys got a massive update, adding Audiobus and Virtual MIDI!

Buy Neo-Soul Keys on iTunes: Freemium

What's new in Neo-Soul Keys v1.2:

This version has a number of important new features as well as some small bug fixes.

New Features:

  • Audiobus support
  • MIDI channels filter for each synth
  • Virtual MIDI support
  • Latency can be adjusted for each synth
  • Option to enable or disable background audio
  • The samples for the stage synth have been improved
  • Improved realism of release decay
  • In-App purchases can now be made without leaving the synth
  • Option to disable mechanical effects to reduce CPU load
  • New mechanical release equation to decay over time like a real electromechanical EP does.
  • New Barks in phase with Sustain to eliminate phasing.

Here is a video outlining the new features in Neo-Soul Keys. There is also a video dedicated to using Neo-Soul Keys in Audiobus.

Yamaha Apps Updated with Audiobus

Both of Yamaha's apps have both been updated with Audiobus support! Thanks to reader Victor for the heads-up!

What's new in Mobile Music Sequencer v2.0:

  • iPhone and iPod touch support
  • Audiobus support (input only)
  • Support for iCloud uploads of user songs and user phrases:
     • You can access a user song on another device using the same Apple ID. User phrases are automatically uploaded.
     • You can continue working on a song created on the iPhone, by editing on an iPad.
     * You first need to enable ""Documents & Data"" in the iCloud settings for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Support for inversions and syncopation in Section Edit (including settings for 8th notes, 16th notes, and triplets), and Chord Shift function
  • Two loop remix functions can now be set for one phrase
  • Support for reordering, inserting, and deleting sections
  • Support for changing the ordering of parts
  • Tempo Delay L and R added to the effect variations
  • In the Piano Roll display, support for selecting Velocity, Pitch Bend, and Control Change data, and Copy, Paste, Cut, and Delete operations
  • Improved resolution for the pitch bend function
  • Added Sync function to Mixdown (start recording triggered by playback start)
  • Added file export support for MX49/MX61 devices
  • Plus other features and improved functionality

Buy Mobile Music Sequencer - US on iTunes: $19.99

Buy Mobile Music Sequencer - International on iTunes: £13.99/€17.99

No other changes besides Audiobus support were added to Synth Arp & Drum Pad.

Buy Synth Arp & Drum Pad - US on iTunes: $7.99

Buy Synth Arp & Drum Pad - International on iTunes: £5.49/€6.99

BitWiz Audiobus Effect Demo

Kymatica developer Jonatan Liljedahl uploaded this instructive demo of using BitWiz as an Audiobus effect.

This is very interesting for nerding out, but be warned: There are some intense noises coming out of this video!

Buy BitWiz on iTunes: $2.99

Audio Filter Updated JACK Implementation

There haven't been a lot of new JACK releases, but the JACK apps that are out there are trying to improve their implementation of the inter-app audio standard. Audio Filter has drastically tweaked their JACK compatibility in today's update.

What's new in 2.0.34:

  • Upgrade Jack Functionality
  • Don't automatically go into jack mode when starting
  • Automatically connect up I/O when Jack selected
  • Register app in Jack
  • Enable equalizer processsing in jack mode
  • Use circular sliders for Audio Effects
  • Save all filter, effects, eq parameters between sessions so that restart remembers previous settings
  • Bug fixes in setting filter passband,stopbands & orders for various filters

Buy Audio Filter on iTunes: Freemium

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