NanoStudio Live Session

Pablo Lopez Lozano shared a live session in NanoStudio, building up a whole song from scratch in an impressive display of talent and quick thinking!

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Review: Waldorf Nave

Smite Matter is the first to get up a review for Waldorf's Nave synthesizer, expected to arrive soon on iPad!

From the review:

Nave is a powerful twin wavetable oscillator synthesizer with a single classic oscillator (with all the basic waveforms) and the pulse racing “Uberwave” function. You have hands on control over numerous options to tweak the many choices of wavetables, (in full screen “Edit” mode) 7 different 3D views. Very fine tuning is easily done by touch to fully customize any wavetable. Full ADSR envelope controls over each oscillator, 2 multi waveform LFOs, fully adjustable pitch/bend wheels and modulation options at every corner. The amount of modulation options really are nothing short of amazing.

At last count there were 500 plus factory presets being shipped with Nave at launch. Nave is pure sound design heaven!

On Twitter Smite was asked about iPad 2 compatibility, which Rolf Wöhrmann answered with: "iPad2 is ok. iPad1 won't work."

Read the full review on Smite Matter's blog.

Buy Waldorf Nave on iTunes: $19.99

Review: Noisemusick

Dullbedsitblogger provides an entertaining review for Noisemusick. He then jams out with his band The Large Veiny Members.

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App Sales & Noisepad MIDI Update!

More app sales popped up today; including 50% off Moog's apps, and Drum Kick is free! Noisepad was also updated with MIDI!

What's new in Noisepad v2.2:

Finally Noisepad gets MIDI support!

  • MIDI notes in/out; trigger Noisepad sounds from other apps/MIDI devices and receive note on/off info
  • MIDI clock in/out; Noisepad follows the tempo or dictates the tempo to play sync with other apps/MIDI devices
  • MIDI learn, easily alter the "note" of each tap pad
  • Button / Soundbanks modes; control Noisepad & receive on/off messages for the tap pads of the current soundbank (0-11) or of the first 10 soundbanks (0-119)
  • Sample accuracy, the sequencer has even more precision
  • iPhone 5 support

Buy Noisepad on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

Buy Drum Kick on iTunes: Free (On sale, $2.99)

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Buy Animoog on iTunes: $14.99 (On sale, $29.99)

Buy Animoog for iPhone on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

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Gestrument Gesticulation with Kinect Connection

Gestrument developer Jesper Nordin has been working on integrating his iPad app with Microsoft's Kinect; the camera that tracks objects in motion. This allows whole-body gestures to be your gestrument instrument! Here is a demo of 3 possibly uses, including playing with a symphony and some really high-class artsy interpretive dance!

Video Description:

Gestrument controlled by a Kinect camera! Download our free Beta software to connect your own Kinect to Gestrument at

Performances in the video by Jesper Nordin/Trio Trespassing, Oskar Landström/Jesper Nordin and TrioTrespassing/Västerås Sinfonietta conducted by Johannes Gustavsson.

Buy Gestrument on iTunes: $9.99

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