Sunsine Audio: Arctic Keys with NodeBeat

A new update for One Red Dog's Arctic Keys has been submitted to Apple this morning. The update includes new factory presets from Sunsine Audio, for free!

To celebrate, sound designer Fletcher posted a video of the preset Retro Arp, being controlled by NodeBeat HD.

Holy shit, his hand looks scary in that thumbnail! Quick, buy lots of Sunsine packs so he can eat!

Buy Arctic Keys on iTunes: $4.99

Buy NodeBeat HD on iTunes: Free (On Sale)

PPG Wavegenerator price announced and new demo!

With all of the teasing going on for PPG Wavegenerator, there has been a lot of speculation about the price. Today Wolfgang has released the details:

We were clear that this was never going to be a toy, but a serious product, as close to a synth that used to cost thousands of dollars, but now on the iPad. However Wolfgang wanted to share his baby with as many people as possible.

So we're not going to do any silly 'buy it for X for 7 days' kind of promos ever, it's simply going to be $19.99! Outstanding value for an amazing pro synth on the iPad.

That started off with such a wind-up; like they were going to blaze new trails in pricing with the first $1,000 iPad synth! $20 is pretty manageable, and I respect the notion that it should just always be that price. I know a lot of you hold off on buying apps you want, hoping for months that a sale will come. Or worse, feel like a sucker when you buy an app and it is 50% off the very next week.

The often mysterious editor of MATRIXSYNTH (seriously, I don't even know his name and we've exchanged about 50 emails) usually prefers to keep his opinions to himself, but he lapsed into a full-on OpEd halfway into this excellent article:
PPG WaveGenerator & The Death of Digital Hardware Synths
He is absolutely right; software is software. All of those fancy digital hardware synths are basically over-priced single-purpose apps.

A new demo for one of the presets in PPG Wavegenerator has also been released.

Let's play a game in the comments and try to name the synth this sounds most similar to.

BeatMaker 2 Beats and Tutorials

Deleswa posted a solid beat he put together in BeatMaker 2.

The editing is great, so you can see how he put it all together. The actions starts at around 1:30.

By a strange coincidence, at the same time Deleswa was uploading that, kennyehsiao was uploading a tutorial series that focuses on the latest version of BeatMaker 2. You can find those on his channel here.

Buy BeatMaker 2 on iTunes: $19.99

NLog officially supports Audiobus

NLog Synth not only "supports" Audiobus, it already works! Tempo Rubato's Rolf Wöhrmann tweeted out this picture today.

In the picture above you see SoundPrism Pro and NLog Synth Pro acting as the sound sources. These are both being fed to an instance of Loopy HD. All of which are running on the same iPad. Alone this is great news; another app to play with on Audiobus!

Things got even more interesting in his next tweet. In this setup, pictured left, SoundPrism Pro's audio is first going through NLog Synth Pro and then into Loopy, all through the power of Audiobus and science. NLog is now a filter or effect for SoundPrism!

Apparently all that talk about Audiobus being easy for developers to work with is true. Rolf has already added a whole new audio path to NLog this morning! Seriously. I was talking with Michael Tyson about the Loopy update, when he mentioned he got a call from Rolf early in the morning with this filter idea. A couple hours later Rolf already had it working and compiled for testing!

I spoke with Rolf about the process of adding Audiobus to NLog, trying to get a sense for how challenging it will be for other developers to implement it. He mentioned how easy it is to set up an app to be an Audiobus destination, being the output in the flow shown here. In just 1 or 2 hours he had NLog set up so that it could be a recording destination for Audiobus.

Fitting it in between two apps as the Filter insert was only slightly more difficult, taking about half a day. Keep in mind that he is the guinea pig beta testing the SDK documentation, so some time is added there. Rolf said it took about the same amount of time and effort as implementing Sonoma's Audio Copy/Paste. I asked him how he felt less experienced iOS developers would fare:

Michael made it very easy. He calls it a 30-minute approach to implment it. To be fair this only works if you had constructed your app, let's say, in a reasonable, standard, way. However, if you have coded your app in a strange way, then of course it won't work in 30 minutes.

It's so quick, I mean no fear. If your app is well designed you are done in a day.

He added a bit of advice for developers who plan to implement Audiobus in the future.

All of this Audiobusing things together is only fun if you have low latency. Every point in the chain adds latency. So what Audiobus requires is that your app is tuned to work with low latency buffer sizes.

Audiobus works best with 256 buffer size, and this is the lowest apps traditionally use. However, I made an informal review and I would say about a third already handle this. For another third it is probably not hard to adapt. For the rest it may take a few days.

Audanika's Sebastian Dittman, co-developer of Audiobus with Michael, was so excited he did a little demo. First you hear SoundPrism Pro, then you hear the same instrument being run through NLog's filter and effects, all recorded into Loopy.

Buffre Control Template for iPad Lemur

Buffre developer Peff just put out a slick as hell demo of their custom Lemur template. Buffre is a beat reapet/mangler effect available as one of Reason's new Rack Extensions. It is also $85, which makes the $50 for Lemur seem like a bargain!


Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

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