GamesCom 2012: Korobeiniki (Tetris Theme)

GamesCom is the largest video game trade show in Europe, and a big source of excitement for gamers all over the world. I found this video from the convention a couple of days ago, with 3 unidentified musicians playing a rocking version of Korobeiniki on iPads.

You'll likely recognize this as the theme for the classic game Tetris.

Reader Music Matinee

The weekends are always slow for news, but a great time for working stiffs to make music! I have combined these two facts to bring you a collection of music made by readers of the site.

To start us off, pantsofdeath has an excellent dark-electro track that he made in NanoStudio.

Next we have a Geo Synth + Sample Tank + Sample Tank jam from efectism. Love this Modern-Eastern vibe.

Jeff McLeod has been busy with a bunch of new Tachyon and TC-11 videos. I really like how he shares his patch details in the YouTube descriptions. Check out of his channel for the other new videos.

Molten Drum Machine Returns!

One Red Dog announced last month, that it would be discontinuing development of Molten Drum Machine.

The community, myself included, begged One Red Dog to reconsider. No other drum machine app offers the same level of functionality; with Audio Paste for sample importing and full Virtual MIDI. It would have been sorely missed if it permanently removed from iTunes.

Developer Peter Johnson listened! Molten it back on iTunes today, with a new update for improving compatibility with other apps in the background.

Buy Molten on iTunes: $4.99

If you are unfamiliar with Molten, Helder Music has put together a series of tutorial videos. I've embedded the whole playlist here.

Yamaha NoteStar Overview

Yamaha posted an overview video for their NoteStar app, which combines sheet music with audio tracks for practicing popular songs. This is mainly focused on the changes introduced in the 2.0 update a couple of weeks ago, but it is a good overview of the app in general... even if it is super-cheesy and done in the style of a NAMM presentation.

NoteStar is free, but songs range from $0.99, and up to $3.99 for complete band and vocal track.

Buy NoteStar on iTunes: Free

PPG Wavegenerator Preview Video

Wolfgang continues to taunt us! This teaser is juicy though. Hit the 720p switch on the embed and pause it frame by frame.

Rampant speculation follows:

  • 0:01 - 3D visualization, but underneath it is some zig-zagging path on a grid.
  • 0:02 - We see the grid and a user customizing the path.
  • 0:03 - Audio 1 and Audio 2 labels in the top right; two different audio paths?
  • 0:04 - A pop-out shows the value of a control to the side, so you can see it under your finger.
  • 0:05 - The label "Draw" is above both panels on the left showing the same wave. The bottom is in partials; like additive synths.
  • 0:06 - Holy shit! Is each square on the grid a different wave? This is like Draw Your Own Animoog!
  • 0:07 - A lot of presets, made managable in banks.
  • 0:08 - DUDE! The path/grid screen definitely has a cursor similar to Animoog.
  • 0:09 - Recording and playback pop-up. 
  • 0:10 - Demonic Possession.
  • 0:11 - Envelope G1. We saw an Envelope W1 in the preview screenshot. Labeling like this indicates a lot of envelopes.
  • 0:12 - Making a path on the grid. 

Wow! The inventor of wavetable synthesis is really coming to iPad!

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