Genome Sequencer MASSIVE MIDI Jam!

The always impressive Jim McLaren has posted a great example of using Genome with multiple devices and even a hardware synth. He does a great job of explaining how he's got it all connected and routed, and then goes on to put it to good use!

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here is my Genome Tutorial video to help you get started!

PixiTracker Video Demo

VJFranzK posted a nice little demo of PixiTracker, from the developer of SunVox. Unlike SunVox and similar tracker-style apps, this looks fun and friendly! Partly for the bright colors, but the simple pattern arrangement and flipping between patterns looks nice too.

Buy PixiTracker on iTunes: $1.99

Akai SynthStation49 Video Introduction

Akai has put out an set of videos that introduce the SynthStation 49, along with the upgraded iPad version of the SynthStation app. I'm embedding their playlist, which starts with the 40 second teaser they posted in January. Just click the Next button (next to play), because the rest is 17 minutes of new details!

I'm undecided on whether I'm going to go with this now that I have a SynthStation61.

APG Composer + Me Jamming like a Fiend

I'm pretty nerdy. I set as a threshold for the site anything I deem too nerdy for me, as being too nerdy in general. APG Composer very nearly was dismissed as such. This 3 Voice FM Synth is very nerdy, but it is free so I poked around with it for a bit on your behalf. I wouldn't recommend this to everyone, but it is definitely worth checking out if you like to seriously geek out with some knobs and synthesis.

There's no Audio Copy here, hell there isn't even exporting, nor MIDI, nor any of the usual stuff we expect, but it is kind of awesome at what it does.

This is really just a tech demo for the company's Audio Plugin Generator, software for designing VSTs, but that is also interesting as they were able to port it to iOS without any code changes. We could be seeing the Reaktor of iOS that many synth nerds have been dreaming of.

Here's a track I put together in the first 20 minutes of playing with it. I like the results! Just slap some drums on this and it's a solid track.

Thanks to iDesignSound for bringing this to my attention!

Buy APG Composer on iTunes: Free

MIDI Studio sale!

MIDI Studio is a nice solution for people who want a MIDI interface on their iPad, but don't want to fuck around with complicated layouts in TouchOSC/Lemur/TB MIDI. It is also now 60%-off!

For those of you that do like to make your own layouts, that is among the promised features for 2.0. I hate to repeat developer update promises here in connection with promoting apps, especially from unproven developers, but it is a deal at this price so it might be worth snagging while it's on sale.

Buy MIDI Studio on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $10.99)

Here's a demo video from YouTuber SergeyK1985 that shows it off. His English is bad and the video quality is worse, but his music and enthusiasm are great.

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