Audiobus Updates!

Harmony Voice, Drum On, and AmpliTube Fender all got Audiobus updates today! Drum On is still free right now!

What's new in Harmony Voice v2.0:

  • Audiobus compatible
  • iPhone 5 graphics
  • Completely revised Harmony Algorithm

Buy Harmony Voice on iTunes: $9.99

What's new in Drum On v1.1:

  • Audiobus Supported
  • Several Performance Optimization
  • Minor Bugs Fixed

Buy Drum On on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $0.99)

What's new in AmpliTube Fender (all versions):

  • Audiobus compatibility
  • AutoFreeze feature for multitrack
  • Preroll function
  • New Global Menu

Buy AmpliTube Fender For iPad FREE: Free

Buy AmpliTube Fender FREE (iPhone): Free

Buy AmpliTube Fender For iPad: $14.99

Buy AmpliTube Fender (iPhone): $14.99

VirSyn also released this little video to demonstrate Harmony Voice with Audiobus, which can be used as an Audiobus Effect.

App Sales!

A whole lot of app sales are happening today, including a great deal on Meteor Multitrack Recorder and Kymatica's BitWiz.

Buy Meteor Multitrack Recorder on iTunes: $11.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Buy BitWiz on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $2.99)

Buy MoDrum on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

Buy Koushion: Pads on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $2.99)

Here is a demo of BitWiz as an Audiobus filter, but be warned: some nasty nasty sounds come out of this video!

QuNeo Updated with New iPad Mode

QuNeo users will want to head over to the official website to grab the latest firmware! This update cleverly reduces the brightness of the LEDs, allowing it to be powered from the iPad now; without an additional power source! The update also improves response times, as blogger Marcus Padrini demonstrates by playing on BeatMaker 2.

As in, "Suck it, Akai. How come MPC Fly can't play with BeatMaker 2?"

Review: Thesys

John from Music App Blog did a quick review of Sugar Byte's excellent Thesys sequencer app. In other videos he demos Thesys recieving MIDI clock from Auria, a new feature added to Auria in an update last week. John further demonstrates Thesys with Thor and Cubasis, in a demo that makes my iPad 3 hurt so hard to watch.

Buy Thesys on iTunes: $14.99

TEDx: Yellowfier's Boris Blank & Hakan Lidbo

TEDx, independently organized TED Talks with less Malaria scares, hosted Yellowfier's Boris Blank & Hakan Lidbo. As with any good TED Talk they talk up a lot of good high-level concepts, but then Boris actually shows off the app to the crowd.

Buy Yellofier on iTunes: $2.99

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