Tutorial: Intro to Modular (Part 2)

Following the release of Modular yesterday, I present Part 2 of my Modular tutorials. This time I get a bit more advanced and explore how modules, and the signals they generate, can be modified for use in different ways.

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I've seriously lost track of how many new apps Twisted Electrons has released in the last two months. Four? Five?
Here is another one, offering interpolation morphing and Audiobus! Sadly, there are no demos. Update: Found a demo!

Interpol iTunes Description:

Interpol is the monosynth with dual personality! Create two sound setups and morph seamlessly between them with the cross-fader. Shift from a harsh growls to warm luscious pads and anywhere in between!

Whether you are morphing waveforms, filter types, or chord structures, interpol will provide a unique touch to your creations with this original approach to synthesis.

The 6 voices can either be set to de-tunable unison or you can choose between 8 chord structures. When morphing between chords, the notes glide like polyphonic portamento, great for atmospheric sounds!

Over 40 parameters can be merged and all seamlessly and in real time.

Interpol also features audiobus and midi and you can save and load your favorite presets.

Buy Interpol on iTunes: $2.99

Audulus 2.3 Update & Sale

Audulus would like to remind you that in the midst of all the Modular fanfare, Audulus is the only modular iOS environment with polyphony.

To further drive home the point, this update greatly expands on the polyphonic possibilities.

What's new in Audulus 2.3:

Audulus 2.3 changes how sub-patches work with respect to polyphony. Now, sub-patches operate like visual groupings of nodes. This means that instead of the entire sub-patch being replicated per-voice, polyphonic connections are carried through. As a consequence, you can now have a sub-patch with monophonic input and polyphonic output (or vice versa).

Sub-patches are a way of grouping up elements in manageable chunks, kind of like building your own modules. In this update you can now carry polyphony through these sub-patches... without having to use up all of your UI space on splitters!

Buy Audulus on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

Here's a new preview of the polyphonic routing available to sub-patches.

iDensity Updated As Audiobus Effect

apeSoft has updated iDensity, a Universal granular synth, with support for us as an Audiobus Effect! There's a whole bunch of other stuff in this update, but holy shit; a granular synth as an effect unit!

What's new in iDensity v1.5:

  • Live Input Granulation
    - via Mic/Line or Audiobus Effect/Receiver
  • Sample load pitch bug fixed
  • New Fine Controls for slider parameters
  • Keyboard value input for all parameters
  • Keyboard add or Edit Midi CC and CH
  • Randomize Parameters
  • iPhone UI improvements
  • Audio Paste parse URL improved
  • Open In… Audiofiles (sound preview)
  • Snapshots.plist e-mail send
  • HVPad send Touch Down message
  • Audiobus SDKs update

Buy iDensity on iTunes: $8.99

ANI - Live Performance at SF-EMM

Reader Amy Lee was at SF Electronic Music Meetup doing her iPad live looping in NanoStudio in front of a live audience!

Video Description:

Yay! I did a live 7-minute demo of my live-looping setup for the San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup (SF-EMM). This was using just my main iPad this time and was held at the SAE Institute San Francisco.

Oct 11 at NW Loopfest Seattle: http://www.nwloopfest.com
Oct 12 at NW Loopfest Portland: http://www.nwloopfest.com
Oct 19-20 at Y2K LoopFest in Santa Cruz: http://y2kloopfest.com

Audio only:

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $13.99

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