Twilight Sparkle vs Benny Benassi: Satisfaction

Benny Benassi should have had Rabies Bun direct the Satisfaction video!
Who wants to watch half-nekkid girls jiggling while using power tools? Especially when the alternative is Twilight Sparkle! Amirite?

MLP: Harlem Shake!

YouTuber BronyVids has answered my prayers with his excellent video editing skills in this Harlem Shake video!
Poor Applejack is trying to sleep, but Pinkie has other plans... You just knew it had to be Pinkie to get the party started!

Review: My Little Pony Game for iOS

Round Stable News has a detailed review of Gameloft's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a Universal iOS game.

Buy My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic on iTunes: Freemium


Here's another Fluttershy Dubstep remix of Skrillex! This one is from YouTuber DrAnonPony, who makes the shy filly scream!

Double Rainbow Syndrome

Pavel Kozhukhanov has an intense Double Rainbow version of Numa Numa, as sung by Pinkie with a cameo from Derpy Hooves!

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