Junglator Preview

Palm Sounds found this preview demo of Junglator, from 4Track. In addition to the Amplify music composition app they're working on, they are also developing this live performance Jungle & DnB app. I asked developer Alex about their release plans and they hope to have it submitted to the app store in about 4 weeks.

Koushion Jam on Hardware Synths

ExperimentalSynth did a promo video for Koushion, the elaborate iPad step-sequencer, and had a lot of leftover footage. He decided to release it on his own YouTube channel, but I thought this sounded better than the official video! You can check out the official promo here, but it needs a big fucking asterisk on the part where it says it can be used with other apps. While technically true, it does not support VirtualMIDI port names, or work at all in the background. If you are going to use it on other apps you'll have to be doing that from an entirely different iPad, because it will drop dead on you the second you flip to whatever app you're controlling.

Buy Koushion on iTunes: $7.99

Tutorial: iPolysix Automation Secrets - Part 2

Mee Zanook has released this followup to his iPolysix Automation Secrets tutorial, with an even secreter secret. Here he shows how you can have much finer control over which effects are being automated. This is a short video, with huge implications!

Buy Korg iPolysix on iTunes: $29.99


DrumsLive is an Audiobus and VirtualMIDI compatible drum app for iPhone, which uses multisampled drum parts.

DrumsLive iTunes Description:

DrumsLive ™ is a touch and MIDI multisample drum, now supporting Audiobus!

It works with your fingers or with the MIDI support, so you can plug your electronic drum or keyboard and play with the sounds of a real drum. To use it in MIDI mode you only need to connect your iPhone or iPod touch with one of the interfaces on the market, such as iRig MIDI.

DrumsLive ™ has three high-quality kits ready to use (Pop, Jazz and Rock). Each kit contains more than 70 professional samples to make it more real and enhance its dynamics.

Buy DrumsLive on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

The app had entirely escaped my noticed until I saw this demo from Apps4iDevices of the VirtualMIDI functionality. Here he's got it configured to accept notes from Genome. He doesn't like the default notes in the app so he goes through the process of learning new notes for the different drum parts. At several points the app erroneously gives him an error message that he is trying to assign multiple parts to the same MIDI note number. I went back and paused the video for a closer look, but it does not appear that he is! Weird. None the less, Apps4iDevices feels it is A Killer App, so it must get more fun when you're not configuring the MIDI.

csSpectral Demos

Boulanger Labs, makers of csGrain, have released a couple of demos for their long anticipated csSpectral app. The video embedded here shows the app manipulating a violin, and then an upright bass. The second video offers a glitchy bout of sample manipulation. I love the wild percussive sounds they are getting out of that upright in this first video!

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