NAMM2013: 30 Years of MIDI Booth

Nick Batt, from Sonic State, has a surprisingly funny video for 30 Years of MIDI booth at NAMM.

Featured in here is Animoog hooked up to a Commodore 64! Separated by 30 years themselves, this is an interesting display.

NAMM2013: Eventide H9

Eventide will be a name familiar to guitarists. They make some very lust worthy effects pedals, which are prohibitively expensive.

Today at NAMM Eventide announced their new Eventide H9 pedal. The H9 offers the entire Eventide line in a single pedal, but to access and manage them you'll use an iDevice and In-App Purchases.

This is similar to DigiTech's iStomp, but instead of making a wired connection between your devices, the H9 uses Bluetooth to send new effects and presets to the pedal.

Like the iStomp you get stereo in and out, which is an important inclusion for spacial effects. H9 distinguishes itself though with MIDI I/O, along with support for expression pedals and switches.

The H9 Control app is not yet available, so we can't take a peak at just how much the In-App Effects will run you. Eventide says the H9 will ship with their most popularalgorithms from their effects. The H9 should be available in March, but there is no price yet.

Sound Service has a unintentionally amusing promo video for the H9, with a flabbergasted Vernon Reid from Living Colour.

DJ Cheeba - Gear Check with Serato & TouchOSC

DJ Cheeba has done a run down on the gear he uses for his live shows. Featured prominently in his setup is TouchOSC.

This is kind of unique, since we usually only ever see Traktor represented in these videos, but DJ Cheeba is a Serato man.
You'll find lots of details, including free template downloads on his blog at

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99

NAMM2013: Roland Cube Lite and Cube Jam App

This morning I saw Roland released a new app on iTunes called Cube Jam, the functionality of which is limited and baffling.
I had dismissed it, wondering what in the hell Roland was up to with their iOS integration.

Now the app makes slightly more sense with the announcement of the Cube Lite Monitor and the Cube Lite Guitar Amp.

This must be the year for iPad speakers, now that we have Roland competing directly with IK Multimedia's iLoud.

The functional differences between the two models is slight.

The Guitar Amp model offers a single 1/4" input jack along with 3 COSM™ tones, stereo chorus, and stereo reverb.

The Cube Lite Monitor does not offer any amount of tones or effects, but you get 2 1/4" inputs for stereo.

Before you go shelling out for a bit of quality Roland gear you'll want to take a look at the back panel, where you'll find the:

Roland i-CUBE LINK™

Which is more often referred to as a 1/8" stereo jack, with a mic connection! What in the hell, Roland? There is already a way to connect iDevices to things, and we would certainly perfer that for the digital I/O than running out of the headphone jack!

They make some really nice promo videos though.

Buy Cube Jam on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

NAMM2013: Alesis DMDock

Unphased by their inability to deliver on previously promised iPad docks, Alesis is promising a new one today!

This model even comes with its own drum kit...


DM Dock Pro Kit

iPad-Integrated Premium Electronic Drumset

  • Includes DM Dock drum module for iPad
  • 5 RealHead dual-zone pads offer a natural feel: 12 ˝ Snare (x1) + 12 ˝ Toms (x2) + 10 ˝ Toms (x2)
  • StealthKick 2 compact kick trigger; Pro X Kick pedal
  • 12 ˝ Hi-Hat (x1) + 16 ˝ 3-zone Ride (x1) + 14 ˝ Crash (x2)
  • Chrome-plated 4-post rack; adjustable snare stand

Allegedly you can buy the dock separately to attach it to any electronic drum kit you may already own, with 13 1/4" drum inputs. Alesis aren't speculating on when that might be though.

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