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When I first started doing YouTube videos there was a disproportionate amount of new subscribers who were into My Little Pony. There were a hell of a lot of conspiracy theorists too, but I really wondered at all the My Little Pony fans.

For nearly a year I was baffled, wondering why my videos would appeal to a Brony!
I'm not one to judge, I was just glad anyone was watching, but this seemed like a bizarre coincidence that so many men and boys into My Little Pony were also interested in me!

Then one day I saw this image, to the right. I was then able to track down that "Discord" is the arch-villain in the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. People were looking for him, and ended up liking what they saw when they found me.

As we can all tell by the disastrously poor results of my Easter Egg Hunt over the weekend, I have failed to maintain them as an audience. This is deeply unfortunate. Young men are a key demographic advertisers are looking for. The average age of readers now is 45! I've got to do something here to bring back the 18-35 year olds.

I am proud to announce that disc(ch)ord.com is your new source for all the best PMVs; that's Pony Music Video for you old-timers. These fan-made creations feature original and popular music set to video clips of the TV show. I've spent a ridiculous amount of time researching this, and promise you the ones featured here are the absolute best of the genre!

To be honest, Brony subscribers never bothered me. But every time a conspiracy nut subs I have this scene play in my mind.

Pre-Announcement Announcement: Be Here Monday!

Mondays are one of the most popular news days of the week, so I am preempting everyone else right here and now! Starting next Monday discchord will break ground on exciting new developments.

Developers and other content producers might as well just take a long weekend, because news will not be reported on Monday. Just relax and take a break for a bit, because anything you do over the weekend will not be seen here.

Instead you, my dear readers, and I are going to start a spectacular new venture!

Do you believe in magic?

As above, so below

Lots of folks are trying to decipher the Easter Egg in the image I posted on Friday, but no one has got it yet! Here is the same image, without the words, and a new clue!

Three symbols of choas here.
You may ignore the chaosphere,
but know the disco ball reflects
so disregard what the eye corrects.

Here is the final clue, this one should be fun for the whole family!

(Hrmm... Apparently that image was still more cryptic than I intended, try this one!)

To name this fauna from the wild,
you'd do well to ask a child.
As true above, so true below,
of fraters watching a soras show.

I'm half-tempted to replace that image with Captain Picard facepalming. Either you guys are really bad at this, or I have a promising future as a Serial Killer! The Feds will never be able to catch me with my fiendish riddles! All will be revealed Monday!

I enjoyed reading all of your theories, especially some of the more elaborate ones, but no one got it! Max Smith almost got it in his comment here, but Discord is not from Pokemon, as you see by "Fake Card" label at the bottom!

Live Guitar with Updated JACK

The JACK Audio Connection Kit update for Secret Base Design's Live Guitar is now available on iTunes!

This drastically increases the amount of available JACK apps by 33%!
To celebrate, Live Guitar is on sale for half-price!

What's new in 1.4:

  • Added support for Jack audio sharing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented recording into Auria.
  • Added support for Virtual MIDI input.
  • Switched audio output to always use the main speaker on the iPhone.
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.

Buy Live Guitar Free on iTunes: Free

Buy Live Guitar on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $3.99)

The free version does not support Audiobus or JACK, but you can get a feel for it and play with Virtual MIDI in the free one.

TC-11 Updated with Audiobus

TC-11 now supports Audiobus! Developer Bit Shape brings another massive update to this innovative multi-touch synth.

What's new in 1.8:

New Features:

  • Audiobus support
  • Variable polyphony up to 11 touches
  • Touch amplitude visualization
  • 34 unique color sets
  • Patch name display option in Performance View


  • New, faster graphics engine
  • Email and website link in Settings >> About

Bug Fixes:

  • AudioCopy name fixed
  • Sequencer keyboard view correctly hides
  • Importing patch crash fix

Buy TC-11 Synthesizer on iTunes: $29.99

Aldemedia shared a visually and sonically interesting exploration of TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer!

His YouTube Channel is full of wild-artsy videos, including this performance with two Nano Pads.

Interview: Sonoma's CEO on Android

Palm Sounds conducted an interview with Doug Wright, Sonoma Wireworks CEO. Sonoma brought us the wonderful AudioCopyPaste standard, before shifting their sights to Android development. At Winter NAMM, Sonoma announced their Android Low Latency Audio Solution, which intends to address the latency that is currently hindering Android music app development.

Ashley Elsdon from Palm Sounds spoke with Doug about why they decided to tackle this challenge.

"Users have been asking us for Android versions of our products since 2008. We didn't move in that direction due to Android latency issues, and stuck with iOS as exclusively. When GarageBand was released on iOS in 2011, we saw a marked reduction in our recording app sales. Android is a market that doesn't have a recording app competitor with prime time TV ad money. We realized we had the right team of engineers to solve the latency problem and musicians were contacting us with more requests for Android solutions, so we got to work." - Doug Wright, Sonoma Wireworks CEO

Earlier this week a developer was asking for my opinion on the pricing structure for his app. He felt that a $5 asking price was being extremely generous. I agree with the sentiment, but pointed out that GarageBand is $5, and his app wasn't quite on par with Apple's! I understand Doug's decision.

Read the full interview over on Palm Sounds for more interesting insights!

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