Shredder for iPad controlling a Moog Little Phatty

Jim McLaren, member of Incura and frequently featured jammer, has a new Jim's Tips & Tricks video. This tutorial looks at setting up Shredder as a Guitar Pitch to MIDI converter, and running that into a Moog Little Phatty.

The Phatty sounds great, but it seems like Shredder is having a very hard time processing the actual shredding. I'd be interested to see if he gets better results with Audio MIDI Connect, which is supposed to be excellent at this task.

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MIDI Designer Tutorial: Snap To Value

MIDI Designer developer, Dan Rosenstark, has a great video demonstrating the new Snap to Value feature coming to MIDI Designer.

MIDI Designer 1.3.7 for iPad introduces Snap to Value. Snap to Value lets a button that has a knob (slider, crossfader or X-Y Pad) snap to a particular value over a fixed amount of time. This video shows you how to set up Snap to Value in MIDI Designer, and scratches the surface a tiny bit on the possibilities of this powerful new feature in 1.3.7. MIDI Designer Pro and MIDI Designer Lite 1.3.7 for iPad will be available before July 22, 2012.

via Palm Sounds

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NLogSynth Pro - Something Completely Different

I love this video MatrixSynth found! A journey through a room full of synths. All 4 walls are covered in geary goodness. Yet the music you're hearing is using none of that! It is 2 iPads running NLogSynth Pro, with help from Phaedra sequencer.

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Everyone Can Play Music #19: Synthesizing Pads

It was a year ago today that I started Everyone Can Play Music, making this is ECPM's 1st Birthday! Thank you very much to everyone that has sent me emails of encouragement and letting me know how much the series means to you. The response to this series has been amazing. Each video has 5x more views than I had even hoped!

I'd also like to thank Palm Sounds, MatrixSynth, iOS Musician, and the communities of Reddit. When I was just starting out with a crappy Rockband mic and a dream, these sites all helped me reach you guys!

This lesson is an introduction to synthesizing Lead parts; making a Super Saw out of just 2 Oscillators!

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Sunsine Friday The 13th Sale and new Bundle

Sunsine Audio are offering a new bundle with Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of their Sunrizer Presets, Sinerise. This is ordinarily $6.50, but they are also doing a Friday The 13th sale on all of their products! Everything is 20% off, now through Sunday.

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