Sound Cells Demo

Apps4iDevices did a demo of Sound Cells, an Audiobus and VirtualMIDI enabled app that completely flew under my radar.
This looks like a lot of fun, especially for the asking price of a buck!

Buy Sound Cells for iPad on iTunes: $0.99

Digital DJ Tips: iOS DJ Apps Key Lock Test

Digital DJ Tips decided to test the Key Lock feature of iOS DJ apps. This is an important feature, which keeps the pitch normal when you sync tracks of different tempos. All apps seem to handle it a little bit differently. Traktor's results are particularly bad.

Video Description:

Quick test of keylock functionality and audio on iOS apps - specifically DJ apps. I used "Touch Me" by Rui da Silva as the test track, as it features kicks, snares, vocals and synths in the section I used.

I played the same section of the track on all the apps in the test, at -16% with Key Lock enabled on a 3rd Generation iPad running the latest version of iOS (6.1.3) and the latest version of all apps involved (as of 25.03.2013).

The uncompressed audio can be heard here:

The apps used were Capo, Traktor DJ, DJ Player (NB: on the audio in the video for this app is in Mono - my mistake...on Soundcloud I re-recorded with the correct in-app setting for stereo output), CrossDJ, djay, Touch The Wave (TTW).

CrossDJ was recently updated with Keylock, and made some pretty bold claims about the quality of their algorithm used. Digital DJ Tips took up the challenge, which was the inspiration for this test. You can read a full article over on Digital DJ Tips that takes a deep look at their claims. This is extremely well done. Not only do they call them on their marketing buzz, but they get into the technical backend of all these apps.

CrossDJ certainly performs much better than Traktor! It is celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary, with a 90%-off sale this weekend only.

Buy CrossDJ for iPad on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

d(- -)b Update

The modular DJ app with the unfortunate name, and even more unfortunate icon, has received its first update!

The name is so bad that it completely breaks my site's internal search! To find the original release post I had to go out to a Google search, and click on my own Google Plus link to the article.

Buy d(- -)b on iTunes: $16.99

What's new in 1.0.1:


  • Fixed wrong audio format that prevented creating recordings
  • EQ Triangle now correctly changes the values of EQ Sliders and the other way around
  • Fixed bug that could hinder loading tracks when iTunes match was enabled
  • First cue is now at the start beat after loading a fresh track
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to crashes while loading the iTunes Library during startup
  • Fixed scrolling library when opening second system bar
  • Fixed wrong labels of loop size buttons in Editor
  • Fixed wrong sensitivity of Volume & pitch sliders


  • Double tap on 'SYNC' to resync all tracks


  • Changed direction of overview when vertical
  • Made the waveforms a liiittle bit prettier
  • Added progress bar while analyzing

Audio Filter Updated with JACK

Audio Filter is the first third-party app to include support for JACK Audio Connection Kit! This freemium Universal app allows you to play music from your iTunes library and apply elaborate filtering. Or at least in theory. I didn't have any noticeable results with the CMP Piano app connected via JACK, but that might be because I did not purchase the $3 IAP to "Upgrade". The volume slider works, so it is getting audio from JACK. However, even radical shifts in the filtered frequencies had no impact on CMP Piano.

Honestly this is a pretty terrible app. Some basic UI elements are just completely omitted. For instance if you go into the Filters section, but want to bounce back out to the main menu, there was no way to do that! This update adds a gesture you have to use in order to get back out, which you wouldn't even know about unless you read the update notes. Dragging around on the on-screen frequencies has frustratingly obtuse results. I spent about 20 minutes with it and lost my mind before I could figure it out.

Correction: I screwed up the JACK connections in my test this morning, so I was hearing both the dry and wet signals.

What's new in 2.0.10:

  • Rework of GUI and navigation so app can display views in both Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Use LONG PRESS Gesture to return to main screen
  • Bluetooth support discontinued due to playback issues
  • Add ability to import and play mp3 files from other apps or through iTunes sharing
  • Add support for combining with other audio apps through Jack IOS connection kit app
  • Display Artwork for mp3 files
  • Extra mp3 gain option

Buy Audio Filter on iTunes: Freemium

Nashville Local News Reviews IK Multimedia

A Nashville local station, WZTV FOX 17, had a show called Rock & Review, with a segment dedicated to IK Multimedia's iOS gear. This will not be news to anyone reading this site, but I thought it was promising to see a local channel take an interest in reporting on music apps. Local stations are susceptible to prefabricated news stories produced by companies, but I did a little digging and this looks like they genuinely put this together themselves. There are other segments from the show on their YouTube channel.

Speaking of lazy journalism... SampleTank is also on sale, so I can kill two birds with one stone on this post!

Buy Sample Tank on iTunes: $11.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

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