iDensity Updated with IAA

Universal granular synth iDensity got a nice looking update, with Inter-App Audio and some cosmetic improvements.

What's new in iDensity v1.6:

  • iOs 7 sdk update
  • Inter-App Audio
  • Crash fixed in iOs 7
  • FX Popover crash fixed
  • New Waveform View
  • New Snapshots Manager
  • Audio improved stability
  • Live Granulation improved
  • UI improvements

Buy iDensity on iTunes: $8.99

DMIMixer Demo

thesoundtestroom found an Audiobus compatible input mixer, which allows you to use a stereo audio interface as two mono inputs.

Buy DMIMixer on iTunes: $1.99

Different Drummer Updated with IAA

The pace of development on Different Drummer has been pretty impressive this year. Looking at the update history there has been a major update every single month since April!

To close out the year this update adds Inter-App Audio!

What's new in Different Drummer v2.6.0:

  • Inter-app audio (iOS7)
  • Ability to map voices to specific external MIDI channels and notes
  • Ability to control individual parts of the waves in terms of shape, polarity and multiplier
  • Better memory management when dormant makes app quit less likely
  • Improved audio with new Play Styles feature
  • New Beat Visualizer
  • Automatic Templates folder
  • 34 new sounds added (near 200 altogether)
  • Mute/Solo added to Mixer and track labels too
  • Various bug fixes

Buy Different Drummer on iTunes: $14.99

TF7 Updated with Chaos Arpeggiator

FM synth app TF7 got a major new feature today, adding what they call a Chaos Arpeggiator as a $3 IAP.

What's new in TF7 v1.30:

Go crazy with the new chaos arpeggiator!

  • Comes with 25 new arpeggiator-friendly presets
  • Generate over-the-top arpeggios in normal or chordal (diatonic) mode
  • Available as a new In-App Purchase
  • Pro Pack purchase not required for arpeggiator


  • Midi channels bug fixed

Buy TF7 on iTunes: Freemium

Developer Peir Lim even did a little intro video to show off the new Chaos Arpeggiator.

DigiTech iStomp Now Really $40

Back in early November DigiTech announced that their iStomp iOS-integrated effects pedal was going to be reduced in price to $50. This failed to materialize in the US, though Thomann and other European retailers immediately slashed their prices.

Yesterday reader Dr. M commented here with news that the sale price has finally reached North America! Musicians Friend has them listed now for $40!

This is a pretty phenomenal deal, now that the effects are free! Just hook up the iStomp to your iDevice and you can send over any of the effects in the app, which used to retail for $1-15 each.

Before you rush out to buy this though I think it is worth mentioning that Alex from iDesignSound grabbed this last month and was ultimately disappointed. The effects were fine, but he was annoyed by the fact that you could only connect to older 30-pin devices. The iStomp requires a wall plug, with no option for battery-powered operation. Both of these factors were major strikes against it in his personal setup and are worth considering.

Instead he returned it and got a Zoom MS-100BT which is 3-times the price, but uses Bluetooth for connecting to their app and allows for multiple effects chained on the same pedal. Each of the Zoom effects are a further $1 IAP each. I tried to get Alex to do a comparison video while he had both of the units, but in fine British tradition he could not be arsed. You should totally bug him about this on Twitter and tell him to listen to me when I suggest a video idea.

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