Double Rainbow Syndrome

Pavel Kozhukhanov has an intense Double Rainbow version of Numa Numa, as sung by Pinkie with a cameo from Derpy Hooves!

Pinkie - Evil Enchanress (Allicorn's Abra-ca-zebra Mix)

Allicorn has remixed my favorite song from my favorite pony, Pinkie Pie! She's so precocious and always has a song for everything! If you haven't already seen this episode you should check out this clip of the original song first. It will probably be the best minute of your life! Although I suppose you could watch it again, and you probably will!

Rabies Bun - Scary Monsters and Nice Parasprites

Rabies Bun has autotuned the adorable Fluttershy for this cover of the Skillex classic Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites!


MrDeLoop is a big fan of Discord, as you'll see in this video he did for his Final Major project in his college's Creative Media course.

Video Description:

Let the chaos BEGIN.

This is a typography made for a college project (my Final Major Project, to be exact). I take Creative Media and thought this would make for an interesting experience/video. I've never used After Effects for an entire video, so really this whole project was a rocky rollercoaster into depths unexplored. I also haven't done a typography before. Makes a change from my PMV's at least. And by all means, I'm still making them! The last 7 months have been ...well, chaotic. Literally. Deadlines aren't fun. But coming to the end of college now, so freedom is close!

Song is TheLivingTombstone's remix of "Discord" ( Made with After Effects CS5, Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4/6, and Flash CS4. Also Vegas for last minute cleanup.

Took around 3 months to make, excluding hiatus times for other deadlines.

Equestria Girls House Remix

Kaiga Koi put together this PMV for Equestria Girls, a delightful original spoof of the Katy Perry California Gurls.

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