Steinberg LoopMash Update

Steinberg has an iOS app! Big news to both me and Steinberg apparently, as they have issued the first update for it in a year.

This loop arranger seems to have a great design with a lot of features and functionality, but absent from those is the ability to import your own! They want you to buy theirs in the In-App Store.

Today's update does add the ability to record and export though!

Buy LoopMash HD on iTunes: $11.99

Buy LoopMash on iTunes: $3.99 (iPhone)

Buy LoopMash Free on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

Despite the IAP-money-grabbing forced cripple, this seriously looks slick as hell. It is at least worth checking out the tutorial video.


DSP Mobile released Loudness today. This peak monitoring app is $140 which has two interesting side-effects.

Firstly there is the obvious laughter and ridicule. False scarcity in the digital age has always had that effect; even more so in the world of apps. The second side-effect is that Apple requires any app over $100 to be Rated 17+, and carries with it a warning that it contains:

Frequent/Intense Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

Fortunately there is a free version. According to iTunes it seems to have all of the functionality and none of the intense drug use. It will just nag you to buy it after a little while.

Buy Loudness on iTunes: $139.99

Buy Loudness Lite on iTunes: Free

Nakano Syun snagged the free version to try it out.
You might want to lower your volume, he took the name as a personal challenge.


MATRIXSYNTH found a new video for an old app. Konsonant, an experimental sound toy, lets you make music with the alphabet.

Video Details:

konsonant is an extraordinary exploration of letters, voice and technology by the media artist joerg piringer.

Containing a suite of original music tracks (downloadable for free as mp3s) as well as interactive musical artifacts, the app is in fact a music album with conventional music as well as sound toys for mobile technology.


  • four different sound games
  • abstract letter graphics
  • physics simulation
  • includes 15 exclusive mp3-tracks by joerg piringer (downloadable for free)
  • works for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

 & Mac

Buy konsonant on iTunes: $1.99

Tutorial: Control Traktor with TouchOSC

YouTuber TekifyTek has uploaded a video tutorial for setting up and controlling Native Instruments' Traktor with TouchOSC.

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99

Everyone Can Play Music #21: Understanding Wavetables

As per requests in the recent Animoog Timbres article, this ECPM lesson is all about how to meaningfully play with those timbres! This should also be helpful for people planning on grabbing the PPG Wavegenerator app, as it uses similar principles.

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

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