Thank you very much everyone!

This has been a great birthday, with so many people all over the world wishing me well! I've been very touched by all the comments, emails, and gifts. In fact the Timmiegogo campaign exceeded my expectations! Seriously, thank you all so much!

I had a very Happy Birthday as you can tell by this illustration.

My legs are almost as white as my shorts, but on the plus side I had no idea my forearm has so much muscle definition!

discchord 2nd Anniversary!

It is hard to nail down exactly when to celebrate the anniversary of my involvement in the community. My first iMS-20 video was in April 2011, the first ECPM lesson was in July, the site was registered in August, and I started covering the daily news in March 2012. Since the site's technical birthday is August, and my own birthday is in August, I figure that's a good time to celebrate!

Now that the site is turning 2, it's time to start dispensing the gifts! For the 1st anniversary of ECPM I gave out $250 worth of promo-codes, how can I possibly top that? A troubling question I wrestled with for quite some time before pondering a further one:
Wait, why the hell am I giving you guys gifts for my birthday?

We've been doing this backwards!

Now that I'm turning 34, it's time to start settling into my mid-thirties. In Suburbia USA that means I need to take up golf and/or photography. I'm terrible at golf, but good at seeing things so this was an easy choice! I've actually been meaning to get into photography for a really long time, so I'm committing to it now.

With that in mind, I'm opening up this opportunity for you to collectively buy me a nice camera. I've resisted previous suggestions that I accept donations; on the basis that I would be the most unworthy charity. Since this is a birthday present we're talking about here, that's different...


$50 raised of goal $1,000

Flexible Funding:

Seriously, please don't give me any more money than you can or want to!

Not a registered charity:

I've got to pay taxes on this, but you don't get to write it off.

Backing Level:


"I once said I'd buy you a beer."


"I once said I'd buy you a beer."
(Plus shipping from Europe.)


"If ECPM was available as a DVD, I'd gladly pay for it!"


"I don't understand American currency, but $50 doesn't sound like much!"

Prints $20-80

Prints $20-80

Prints $20-80

Prints $20-80

Spoiler Alert: I already bought the camera. You can still help me pay for it, and maybe some new lenses. Think of this as an overly-elaborate joke crossed with a PBS/NPR pledge drive! A lot of you have said, "I'd buy you a beer!" I don't drink that much, so this will work out better.

I can't promise that I'll do more videos with this, but part of my plan here is to study photography to get more serious about my videography. Long gone are the days when a guy talking at a webcam was acceptable YouTube fodder. The live portions of my videos have always been pretty embarrassingly bad. I can say this will be used for at least one video I have planned, which is instructional and music related, but not app related.

Although I am very new to photography, I have been using Photoshop for 15 years. This is helping me turn mediocre results into great shots! I'm having a blast with this and I'm getting even more serious about it as I progress in skill. So serious that I've started my own professional photography business:
PEN1 Studios Photography,

I hate people who charge for wallpapers, so you'll always find free 1920x1200 wallpapers of my favorite photos on Google Plus. For the best of the best I'll be selling prints on SmugMug; without the silly watermark. As part of this Timmiegogo campaign I'm making 4 of my favorites available as a limited run. After August these will never be sold again!

Here they are in all their glory. Click on them to get a nice big wallpaper version, and to buy prints use the SmugMug badges on the sidebar. I tweaked down the prices to keep them affordable!


Hang In There Baby


The Speed of Light

Bridge to Nowhere

Stretch Goals:

With every crowd-funding campaign there is a risk that you end up giving the guy too much money and he just runs off with it.

In my case that threshold is surprisingly low!


Buchla Series 200e

If by some strange course of events I end up with $16,000, forget all that talk about photography and videos.

In fact you should probably try to avoid giving me this much money. Getting a Buchla would undoubtedly have a negative impact on the site. I'd get so lost in "modular-time" that the site could potentially go days, or even weeks, without any news updates.

Not even remotely affiliated with Indiegogo.


zMors is an impressively powerful looking iPad synth; with 4 layers, a sequencer, and vector waveforms you can draw.

zMors iTunes Description:

zMors is a 4 Layer iPad synthesizer with build in sequencer

50% discount offer for few days

  • Audio engine use 32Bit float per sample
  • Vector based oscillators with touch edit
  • Audiobus support
  • Midi, Clock, MTC input
  • 8 Oscillators
  • 4 AMP envelopes
  • 4 LFOs with FM,AM,Filter and oscillator mix
  • LFO beat or key sync
  • 4 Filters (HP,BP,LP)
  • Reverb and delay sends
  • Sequencer unit

Buy zMors on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Developer Sven Braun has been posting several videos while waiting for App Store approval. You can find the rest here.

Korg Volca Bass MIDI Sync'd with iPad mini

YouTuber foodafokkarez took delivery of his shiny new Korg Volca Bass and synced it with his iPad mini via MIDI, to great effect!.

Video Description:

I've used my most favorite drum machine app called D-Pad.

It's a simple,but fantastic drum machine app with fantastic sets of usable punchy sounds.

MIDI sync with external devices works flawlessly with this app and it is almost as good as having a standalone hardware drum machine with usual midi interface. (sounds of 808, 909 and also Linn Drum etc all included). There are also various built in effects on it too,compression, delay etc.

They are all battery powered so therefore, perfect mobile toys for killing your time wherever you go.

Make some industrial acid noise and annoy everyone.

Buy D-Pad on iTunes: $5.99

Intro to Harmony Voice

Ryan from iOS MARS has also stepped up his game; offering an excellent intro to VirSyn's Harmony Voice! He is now grabbing the iPad audio directly with AudioShare, instead of recording it off of the camera mic so you can fully appreciate the app.

Buy Harmony Voice on iTunes: $9.99

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