Jordan Rudess Explores

Jordan Rudess has released an interactive album app, after a successful PledgeMusic campaign. There are no demo videos yet, and they would probably be DMCA'd on YouTube anyhow. One unique feature in this app is Audiobus support. As far as I know this is the first interactive album you can easily resample into Audiobus!

Jordan Rudess Explores iTunes Description:

Jordan Rudess’ latest solo piano recording, “All That is Now,” (released December 3rd, 2013 on iTunes) comes to life in a new companion app for iOS!

About The App

Jordan Rudess Explores the Music of All That is Now invites you to do more than listen to Jordan’s amazing new solo piano recordings; rich visualizations, atmospheric accompaniments, and unearthly sonic effects will all be at your fingertips. Journey deep inside these beautifully composed pieces as you discover your own unique musical experience, then share it with your friends.


  • 10 solo piano compositions plus more available via in-app purchase.
  • Sculpt color, light, and sound with hypnotic visual themes that react to your gestures, creating a unique experience every time.
  • Trigger filters and audio effects with simple gestures, or blend gorgeous reverbs and delays.
  • Mix in additional improvised accompaniment tracks, uniquely created for each song.
  • Artist sound packs by Richard Devine, Heavyocity and others provide ambient sounds that you control; blend in nature sounds like wind and rain, or add celestial synths. 2 included with more available via in-app purchase.
  • Share your sonic explorations and creations with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Messages, and email.

Jordan Rudess Explores the Music of All That is Now was created by Jordan with developer Joe Zobkiw to explore the intersection between the traditional and electronic world we all live in. Headphones are highly recommended!

Buy Jordan Rudess Explores on iTunes: $5.99

Buy Jordan Rudess - All That Is Now on iTunes: $9.99

Jasuto 1.5 Released

Over 2 years have passed since Jasuto was last updated, which seems like a lifetime ago in this rapidly expanding world of apps.

Many apps lay abandoned in iTunes' pile of the "Music" category. It's nice to see Jasuto come back, with a big update to modernize the app! This update includes new modules for $1 each, and a $5 Hi-Fi Audio IAP.

What's new in Jasuto v1.5:

  • Added Audiobus support (input, effect & output)
  • Completely compatible with iOS7
  • Updated UI graphics
  • Universal device and Retina support
  • Zillions of bugs squashed
  • A shinny new manual
  • Added background audio support
  • Low latency audio (256 samples)
  • Sample sharing through SoundCloud
  • Dropbox syncing of samples/scenes
  • New ADSR2, AP, Brick, EXP, Mix, Power, ZeroX, Tanh, Gain Node Modules

In-App purchases:

  • High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) Audio
  • New Nodes:
    • Chorus Module
    • Detuned Module
    • Dirty Module
    • Morph Module
    • Space Module

Buy Jasuto on iTunes: $4.99

There has already been some anger over the $5 High-Fidelity IAP, with some users expecting that the app they paid for should sound as good as it can without an additional fee. The free parts of this update, like Audiobus and Dropbox, are welcomed though!

Настя Маслова - Boss RC-505 Loop Station

YouTuber Настя Маслова did a beautiful loop jam with the Boss RC-505 Loop Station and a bunch of gear. Surprisingly there is even an Akai MPC Fly in the mix! The lyrics are mostly in English, and only occasionally lapsing into Russian. Everything about this is great, even the Recorder solo!

Buy Akai iMPC on iTunes: $6.99

Arctic Pro Synth Updated with IAA

One Red Dog's latest app, Arctic Pro Synth, got its first update today and it's a big one! In addition to adding Inter-App Audio, this update expands the polyphony range to 8 voices!

What's new in Arctic Pro Synth v1.1:

  • Inter-App Audio for iOS 7
  • AudioCopy 2.0
  • Increased polyphony to 8 voices
  • Dynamic voice allocation based on available CPU
  • Audiobus SDK update
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Buy Arctic ProSynth on iTunes: $9.99

Star Trek Vulcan Harp

Musix Pro developer Shiverware has released an official Star Trek Vulcan Harp app!

Star Trek Vulcan Harp iTunes Description:

Fans of Star Trek™ can now play Mr. Spock’s Vulcan harp on their iPad! Replicating the alien instrument from the classic Star Trek™ series, the app is fully functional and features multi‐level sounds, cool effects, and the iconic design of the original harp. Use the sleekly styled controls to compose spacey music or play fascinating songs.

Whether you're a Trek fan, musician, or just interested in playing a unique instrument, the app's richly detailed appearance and wide‐ranging musical abilities make for an instrument unlike any other!


  • 15 vibrating strings – each identified, making it easy to play songs
  • Distinct pluck dynamic where the sound occurs on release of a touch similar to a harp
  • 5 instrument sounds from futuristic to the classic harp
  • Large 6-and-a-half octave range in 5 octave banks
  • Custom multi-level distortion and reverberation controls give you a wide range to experiment with
  • Ability to select pentatonic scale (five notes per octave)
  • One button background arpeggio (sequence chords)
  • Rich, inlaid wood detail appearance on the harp and moving starfield background
  • SoundCloud recording to share your creations
  • Concise tutorial to locate controls

Buy Star Trek Vulcan Harp on iTunes: $1.99

Update: Here is a new, higher quality, video for the Vulcan Harp!

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