Inter-App Audio & Audiobus Updates

Several apps joined the two major real-time audio protocols, including CMP Grand Piano which was previously only on JACK.
This is an interesting development as CMP Grand Piano is brought to us by Crudebyte, the makers of JACK for iOS.

What's new in Galileo v1.1:

  • Inter-App Audio: use Galileo as an instrument plugin with Inter-App hosts (iOS 7)
  • Completely updated & tested for iOS 7!
  • Inter-App Audio MIDI support
  • Dedicated drum & horn acceleration parameters for the rotary cabinet simulator
  • Selectable rotary drum operation mode (BOTH: drum rotor works in both Slow & Fast modes; FAST: drum rotor works in Fast mode only; OFF: drum rotor is always off)
  • Keyclick Tone parameter to adjust keyclick tonality (organ panel)
  • Other improvements

Buy Galileo Organ on iTunes: $9.99

What's new in CMP Grand Piano v1.7.10:

  • Support for iOS 7.
  • Support for Apple's "Inter-App Audio" system (requires iOS 7) for streaming audio & MIDI between other apps.
  • Fix: "Delete Song" button did not work under certain conditions.
  • Increased overall volume.
  • Buy CMP Grand Piano on iTunes: $12.99

    What's new in Arturia iMini v1.2:

    Improved iOS 7 support including InterApp Audio!

    Buy iMini on iTunes: $9.99

    What's new in RD4 - Groovebox v2.0.1:

    • Audiobus support added
    • Updated to iOS 7

    Buy RD4 - Groovebox on iTunes: $7.99

    Burea - Massive Organ App with Audiobus

    Burea is a freemium Organ app based on the Bureå Church pipe organ sampleset by Lars Palo.
    This is a massive download with 1.5 gigabytes of samples, but check out the demo below before you dismiss it!

    Burea iTunes Description:

    This app makes the Bureå Church pipe organ sampleset available on iPad (2 and later). The sampleset was released by Lars Palo under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license, see You don't need to download the sampleset - for your convenience, all needed WAV files are contained within the app.

    For more information about the app and the underlying Napo framework, please visit the support page , the Napo documentation at and in particular the user manual at .

    For your attention

    • This app is a huge download of about 1.5 GB. Make sure there is enough free SSD space on your device. Don't waste your internet bandwidth and your time unless you know that this is the right app for you. It is not a toy, but a tool for serious organists. You might want to try one of our (smaller) free apps, StrandOrgan and Jeux d'orgues Mini, first.
    • This app does not make sense without at least one MIDI keyboard and the necessary hardware to connect this keyboard to your iPad. Ideally, you have three independent MIDI keyboards and a MIDI pedal, daisy-chained or in combination with a MIDI merger device.
    • The free version of this app has restricted functionality: A limited note range (only the mid three octaves), no audio recorder, no pitch shifter, no combination system. These are available as in-app purchases.

    Buy Burea on iTunes: Freemium

    EGSY01 Updated with FM Synthesis

    EGSY01 has only been out for month, but this $3 synth has already had its third update. This one brings FM synthesis!

    What's new in EGSY01 v1.3:

    • FM Synthesis panel (with 2 operators)
    • Better pinch zoom for keyboard
    • Updated Audiobus sdk

    Buy EGSY01 on iTunes: $2.99

    iPad & MIDI Fighter Tutorial

    Kyle Mohr put together a great tutorial for using a MIDI Fighter with your iPad, specifically with BeatMaker 2. This starts off with an excellent jam while subtitles are explaining everything, followed by a demonstration of the results.

    Buy BeatMaker 2 on iTunes: $19.99

    Looptical Update

    Looptical got its first update, and it is a big one with lots of fixes and features! There is also a special note for older devices.

    What's new in Looptical v1.0.1:

    • "Filter And Volume" option added for the vertical axis in Scale Keyboard, allowing you to fade in a note with both volume and filter frequency with a single gesture for increased emphasis.
    • Left-handed guitar mode added to the Chord Guitar, stringing the guitar EBGDAE instead of EADGBE and flipping the preset chord patterns accordingly.
    • New for iOS7: use the Camera Connection Kit to attach a compatible USB MIDI Interface or Keyboard to your iPhone and use it to control Looptical.
    • Start octave setting is now applied in the Guitar Chord Edit screen.
    • Graphical glitch on 3.5 inch display devices where the mute / solo / FX buttons on channel 6 were always lit has been fixed.
    • New demo track added: "DEMO - WubWub".
    • Fixed an issue with importing user-created instruments from iTunes Shared Folder and email.

    Note to users of older devices: The demo tracks were composed on an iPhone5 and sound best with an iPhone5 or newer. Looptical detects slower devices (iPhone4S or older, iPad2 or earlier) and unpacks a second version of the demos with a reduced number of effects. Devices with a much slower CPU than the iPhone5 may be overloaded by the number of effects used in the demos and experience audio glitching. This is perfectly normal, and you should compose your own tracks to suit the power of your device. For more information see the Looptical manual on System Resources and Song Complexity.

    Buy Looptical on iTunes: $14.99 (iPhone)

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