Humble Tune updates apps and gives them away!

Erik over at Humble Tune has updated his iPhone apps, Shapesynth and Sinusoid, with Virtual MIDI and background audio support. All in an effort to ready them for playing with his latest app, Brother. Which he introduces as, "a polyphonic, cleaner, brother of shapesynth."

Then after all of that hard work he made everything free!

Brother sounds pretty interesting. There is a mode that can read incoming tweets and then try to drive a sequencer based on them. It is feature-rich for such a simple looking app, with AudioCopy, Virtual MIDI, and SoundCloud uploads. Perhaps most impressive of all is the "slave" mode for Shapesynth to work with Brother. This is an Audiobus-Lite-like implementation that lets Brother record into Shapesynth's Shape Tape!

Buy Brother on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $1.99)

Buy Shapesynth on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $1.99)

Buy Sinusoid on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $1.99)

Livid & Liine Hybrid Controller Duo

Yesterday Liine's Ableton Live app, Griid Pro, received an update that included CoreMIDI support and mentioned "Livid Code integration" without any further details. Sonic State found those details in the form a demo video! The video shows off Griid Pro running on an iPad in tandem with the Livid Code hardware controller, for a hybrid-interface. It is a neat bit of innovation, but prohibitively expensive. The Livid Code is $450! You can have similar functionality with a single Akai APC40 for $250, though I do like the way Griid shows where Ableton clips are at with a clock-sweep-visual-thing.

Fortunately there is a contest to see how many email addresses you can give them in a month, in order to win both a Livid Code and an iPad! The terms of which lead me to believe no one at Livid or Liine knows what "contest" means.

Buy Griid Pro on iTunes: $24.99

The Rheyne Jazz Funk Extravaganza Experience

Rheyne is back with another great live video. He's got his usual assortment of gear, but this time he has Sound Prism Pro sending MIDI to Native Instrument's Massive. I think the real star of this show is that Mophokey bass patch though!

I hesitate to label this Jazz, but I think is what Jazz wants to be when it grows up.

Mobile Mood Machine from Julian Bayle

This new Universal app nearly slipped by me, in the deluge of the App Store - Music section, but fortunately I'm following the ever-busy Julien Bayle on Google Plus. And you thought nothing was going on there!

Julien, aka protofuse, has brought us The Droner, Mobile Particles, and Digital Collisions. This week he unleashed his latest experiment, an ambient app that is both generative and playable. He's doing some interesting stuff with setting the musical scales to moods, allowing you to compose a sequence and then radically shift the mood.

Here's a good demo video that explains all of the features. Shit gets real at around 3:00, when he switches on Induction mode and it starts to play itself.

Buy Mobile Mood Machine on iTunes: $2.99

Editor's Note: Wow I botched his name in the title, and now I can't change it without it screwing up all the links. It should be Julien, according to SoundCloud he's from Outerspace, France; it is an easy mistake for an Earthling to make.

The Vain - Alt Rock band replaces Keyboardist with iPad

Marcus over at Music Apps (Portuguese) has an article up about the Brazilian Alt Rock band, The Vain.

For reasons unbeknownst to us all, The Vain lost their Keyboardist. This came at a bad time; all of their recent music is heavily laden with synths! To replace him they decided to buy an iPad, and they all lived happily ever after... possibly with the exception of the Keyboardist.

Here's an excellent music video, which includes one of their live acts, where you can see the iPad fitting neatly into the mix.
Their song is called Yellow Cake and, although the vocals are a bit quiet, it sounds like English!

Marcus notes that their favorite apps are Animoog , GarageBand and Soundprism.
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