NAMM2017: PO-32 Tonic

Teenage Engineering has announced the eminent release of their newest Pocket Operator, PO-32 Tonic!

Arriving February 2nd, at $140 this is the most expensive Pocket Operator to date, but that price includes the Sonic Charge Microtonic drum machine VST. The PO-32 was designed specifically to allow you to create sounds on Microtonic and then sync them over to the Pocket Operator.

I wonder if developers will reverse-engineer the sound transfer method so you can send other sounds to it.

Kalle Paulson, former head of Propellerhead's mobile division, got his hands on one early and has posted a series of videos exploring it.

Here's a video from the official Teenage Engineering YouTube channel, with Magnus Lidström from Sonic Charge showing off sound transfer process.

Video Description:

introducing pocket operator PO-32 tonic teenage engineering.
order here:
online manuals:

magnus lidström of sonic charge introducing PO-32 tonic and demonstrating how to replace a sound. more info about mictrotonic vst/au:

NAMM2017: iConnectivity ConnectAUDIO2/4

iConnectivity has announced a new ConnectAUDIO2/4 interface. This has several major improvements over their previous iConnectAUDIO2+. First and foremost they've dropped the "i" from the name, so it is no longer, "iConnectivity's iConnectAUDIO." The new interface also sports a stereo headphone output on the front. You can get all of this for $150, which is $50 cheaper than the iConnectAUDIO2+ too! There is no way of knowing when this will actually be released though.

Video Description:

Easy to use, ultra-sturdy, 2-input/4-output professional audio and MIDI interface for MacOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS*.

Whether you're a guitarist, singer-songwriter, electronic musician, producer, or DJ, this studio-quality interface handles everything you can throw at it - just connect your mics, instruments, synths, and MIDI gear, and start creating.


• Capacitive touch display and control surface for all functions, with full metering (no control software needed).
• Onboard mixing, and direct monitoring for each input.
• 2 XLR ¼” TRS combo analog inputs, each with individual +48V phantom power toggle and impedance switching.
• 2 ¼” TRS balanced analog outputs.
• ¼” headphone output, switchable between monitoring main outs and independent mix.
• 1 X 1 MIDI DIN in/out.
• High-resolution audio - up to 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversion.
• USB Audio 2.0 and USB MIDI 1.0 Class-Compliant.
• USB bus-powered (no wall power required).
• Ableton Live Lite software and a selection of loops and samples from Big Fish Audio are included when registering the device.

Charlie North - Apptitude (iPhone Music)

Reader Charlie North put together this excellent sounding EP using only his iPhone 6 running Auxy!

Apptitude (iPhone Music): £2.50

NAMM2017: Behringer DeepMind 12 Augmented Reality Demo

BEHRINGER is at NAMM showing off one of the wild possibilities in their new DeepMind 12 synthesizer. The keyboard can be hooked up to a Microsoft HoloLens and Leap Motion Controller for a fully immersive Augmented Reality synthesis experience.

This looks phenomenal, but I'm not sure I'm ready to drop $3,000 on HoloLens to hook up to a $1,000 synth.

Rheyne - Live Jam #158

Rheyne's latest jam is equal parts epic, menacing, and beautiful!

Video Description:

Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or sequences.


Live Jams on BandCamp:

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