The Mobile Music Minstrel: Electro-funk

New YouTuber Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel has released a series of well produced tutorials on doing some groovy Electro-funk! Embedded here is the latest, which gets into generating the Funk and adding variety.

Video Description:

The third part in a series of videos on generating funk grooves, ways to add variety and keep them fresh.

soda dj app Update

soda dj app, from Zerodebug, was updated with discrete Audiobus outputs for individual tracks (pre-fader) and separate outs for Main and Monitor. This update to the DJ app also offers the ability for Cue points to jump to other Cues for new beat juggling options.

What's new in soda dj app v1.1.0:

Added Audiobus Outs for Main & Monitor
Added Audiobus Outs for Track 1-8 Pre-fader
Added IAA Effect Host capabilities

The Document Picker can now import more than one file at a time
Recordings can now be accessed and exported via the Browser
Overviews will now react to the 'Spectrum Off' Setting

Cues can now act as jump-points to other Cues. If the Decks playhead passes the Jump-point, it will immediately jump to the specified target cue.

Fixed a bug that would import a different Track from the Library than dragged

Many more bugfixes & enhancements!

The Chainsmokers - Closer (iOS Cover)

YouTuber ALLEN RAWK covers The Chainsmokers' Closer on 3 apps across 2 devices!

Video Description (Super Rough Googlish Translation):

What's up the old guys jg ga upload, ya gw try to combine 4 applications are:
- DRUMS XD (for ngedrumnya)
- SUPERPADS (for launchpad)
- GARAGEBAND (create record with other instruments )
- AUDIOBUS (for joining apps into one)

Recommended to listen to Headphones or headsets 🎧

How do you guys think?
Love the comment below yak, want a request or just tanya2 direct komen aja.
Q & A; I'll Live while bawain some songs.

GarageBand iOS Tutorials: Splitting Drum Kits for Mixing

YouTuber Dan Baker shows us why you'd want to split the drum outputs for finer mixing and effects control.

Video Description:

Here, you can take one of the extremely high quality, realistic drum kits on GarageBand, and mash it into something else - stick a snare through a guitar amp with spring reverb, and have full control over the levels of the kit!

Enjoy and Subscribe!

Electronisounds: Live Jam with Beatmaker 3 & Novation Circuit

Dean from Electronisounds jams out with some surprisingly pretty sounding melodic-electronic in BeatMaker 3 with a Novation Circuit!

Video Description:

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