Rocketgoldstar - Phantom Phone Vibration

Gaz Williams has been a longtime favorite here for his role in Sonic Touch and various Sonic Labs.

You may be used to his boisterous speaking, but you are completely unprepared for his soaring singing! Here he performs with his band Rocketgoldstar!

Video Description:

Phantom Phone Vibration by Cardiff band Rocketgoldstar. Gaz Williams- Lead Vox and Bass, Sion Orgon - Drums and Backing Vocals, Frank Static - Guitar and Keys.

Emo Chorus Update

Emo Chorus, from VirSyn, got its first update since release in 2015! This update adds Audiobus 3 and AUv3! On AUv3 you also get parameter automation.

What's new in Emo Chorus v1.1.0:

- AudioUnit AUv3 with parameter automation
- Audiobus 3

Midiverse: PolySynth iOS App Review

YouTuber Midiverse brings us a much needed review of the new PolySynth app!

Video Description:

What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're going to be checking out a new iOS application called PolySynth. Let's have a look...

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New Order - Blue Monday (Commodore 64 Cover)

While some people struggle to hook up their iPads to modern computers for music making, Marco Digges hooked up his to a Commodore 64 to bring us this cover of Blue Monday.

Video Description:

The MIDI Clock/tempo is provided by the keyboard. The iPad is using Korg Gadget to play the drum beat, and the Commodore 64 is playing all the musical sequences using MSSIAH. It’s all synchronized via MIDI using the iRig MIDI 2 adapter.

iPadLoops: X Drummer 1.5 Review (feat. Matthew Fuller)

Jason from iPadLoops did an overview of X Drummer, using the newest version that came out yesterday. Later in the video he is joined by his friend Matthew Fuller. Matthew plays guitar into the app as an example of X Drummer's alleged ability to generate a beat based on what you're playing.

Video Description:

Called my friend Matt Fuller up to see if he wanted to help me do a review and walk through of the latest X Drummer app. Thanks Matt! It's a long video so I created some time stamps below for you to skip to the different segments.

Browsing for patterns. 00:31
Arranging patterns 2:00
Fine tuning patterns and customizing kits 7:09
Play to find 12:50
Saving and exporting 14:00
Inter app audio 16:04
End jam 16:59

X Drummer by Positive Grid


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