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Traktor DJ Update

Both the iPad and iPhone versions of Traktor DJ have been updated with a new Super Slicer, available as a $2 IAP.

What's new in Traktor DJ (both) v1.5:

  • New SuperSlicer feature available for in-app purchase
  • History Playlists remember what you play so you don’t have to
  • Beat Grid improvements with pinch-to-zoom and magnetic snapping
  • Some bugfixes for the browser
  • Enhanced performance on latest generation devices

Buy Traktor DJ on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Traktor DJ for iPhone on iTunes: $1.99

Native Instruments has not released a video , or any details, on what the Super Slicer actually does. I suppose I could spend $2 to find out, but I'd rather be flippant. Here is an artist concept video of the Super Slicer by Meow Mix. (Update: The video was only available in the app, but they just uploaded it to YouTube)

S1MidiTrigger Updated with iRing Support

S1MidiTrigger is the first third-party app to add support for IK Multimedia's iRing SDK. As some of you have pointed out in the comments, it would be trivially simple to print out your own iRings, and to prevent that IK Multimedia requires a serial number to unlock support. This requirement extends to apps that implement the SDK. Keep your serial number handy!

What's new in S1MidiTrigger v4.2.0:

Added Features:

  • Support IK Multimedia iRing product. (The world's first 3rd party software) You can control any midi controls by motion gestures.
    Please purchase IK Multimedia iRing product and activate with following steps.
    1. Open Setting View
    2. Tap 'iRing Setting'
    3. Select 'Use iRing' switch to On
    4. Activate it with iRing serial No.
  • Grouping function of each control added
    You can link the operation to other grouped controls.
  • Interpolate value function to the slider control added
    You can easy to operate fadein and fadeout.
  • Live mode added
    You can prevent to swith incorrect screen (like patch editor view) when you perform on the live stage.
  • Invert slider value function added
    Previous version, the slider control only can be increase value down to up only. This version, you can invert slider movement and increase value from up to down.

Breaking changes

  • Changed application support iOS version from 5 to 6.
    The iPad1 supports has been dropped. I am sorry to inconvenient.
  • Dropped support for Line6 MIDI Mobilizer1
    Dropped Line6 MIDI Mobilizer1 (Non compatible CoreMIDI Version) support for improve performance because Line6 MIDI Mobilizer1 SDK supported old architecture only. I am sorry to use this device, please shift another CoreMIDI compatible device.


  • Improved slider performance
  • Improved switch view performance
  • Fixed crush when tap S1 MIDI Wifi Server settings
  • Fixed crush when setup PDF control
  • Fixed some stability issues

Buy S1MidiTrigger on iTunes: $2.99

iOS Update Vol. 84: Tempo SlowMo

This week's Sweetwater iOS Update looks at Tempo SlowMo. This app allows you to slow down a track without effecting pitch, making for a handy practice and transcription aid! This has a somewhat confusing IAP structure, but is free to try.

Buy Tempo SlowMo on iTunes: Freemium/Adware

Update Roundup

A bunch of little updates came out today for some worthy apps, so I put them all together here.

What's new in Nice To Be Your Friend Synth v1.4:

Added support for IAA instrument mode, MIDI program change support, and sustain pedals.

Buy Nice To Be Your Friend Synth on iTunes: $2.99

What's new in GuitarCapo (Both Versions):

  • Correction of pitch/bend for MIDI controllers
  • Correction of audio routing on iPhone
  • Fixed a bug that caused the chord display to fail

Buy GuitarCapo on iTunes: Free


Buy GuitarCapo+ on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale)

What's new in SquashIt v1.1:

This version adds support for AudioBus 2 including state saving! It is also universal and works on iPhone 4S and later.

Buy SquashIt on iTunes: $2.99

SquashIt was my favorite IAA Only effect app, so I'm very pleased to see it adding both Audiobus and Universal support!

Simmons Stryke6

Sonic State has news of a surprising new peripheral for iOS! Simmons Drums has released a drum pad device. Unlike most product announcements this is actually out in the wild today. My local Guitar Center has them in stock! It is also available on Musician's Friend. Both have it listed for $130.


Versatile, first-ever iPad-based drum controller

The Simmons Stryke6 Drum Controller is the first-ever iPad-based electronic drum control device that can also be used to trigger a variety of DAWs and sample programs with any USB/MIDI computer. Enjoy instant gratification or play “on-the-go” when a full size kit is not available. This small footprint controller is the size of a laptop and features six drum pads plus kick and hi-hat pedals. And it couldn’t be simpler — plug-n-play with your iPad (or USB/MIDI computer). Works straight out of the box. And with the free and fun, downloadable Simmons Stryke Drums app (available at the Apple App Store), you can immediately play drums, jam to tracks, or take drum lessons in an engaging video-game environment.


  • Versatile, first-ever iPad-based drum controller
  • Can also be used with any USB/MIDI computer
  • Ultra-small footprint with 6 velocity-sensitive drum pads
  • Access to a wide range of sounds
  • Kick and hi-hat pedals provide a real drum playing experience
  • Works with most MIDI applications
  • Free and fun, downloadable Stryke Drums iPad app (from the Apple App Store)
  • Learn to play drums in an engaging, interactive environment using app-based tutorials and the color-coded pads
  • Includes drum sticks and connections for Lighting and 30pin iPads and USB
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