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There have been some important milestones for musicians on the iOS platform. 2012 brought VirtualMIDI, 2013 saw the rise of Audiobus, 2014 was a stellar year of app innovations. Although 2015 has just started I feel it is safe to say that it will surely be remembered as the year CatSynth arrived.

This cat has a bow tie. I want to give all cats bow ties.

CatSynth.com has been a mainstay in music technology reporting since 2006. If a cat is anywhere near a synthesizer on Instagram, ace reporter Amanda Chaudhary will make sure you're the first to know. Now Amanda has brought CatSynth to iOS in this Universal app!

CatSynth: The App! iTunes Description:

CatSynth: The App! brings you the odd world of cats, synthesizers, music, art and more in a beautiful interface optimized for your handheld device or tablet. New articles are added quite often, so we hope you come back frequently to check them out. And you can always make new and unusual music with the included Mystery Synths!

Nothing here can hurt you, so give the app a try, explore, and most of all, have fun! Meow!

Buy CatSynth: The App! on iTunes: Free

Rock Drum Machine Demo

Doug from The Sound Test Room took a look at a drum machine app specific to rock styles.

Buy Rock Drum Machine Lite on iTunes: Free


Buy Rock Drum Machine 2 on iTunes: $9.99

Bloom Update

Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers' ambient app Bloom for iPhone got its first update since 2011! Sadly there is no mention of Audiobus or Inter-App Audio, and the iPad "HD" version hasn't been updated yet.

What's new in Bloom v3.0:

Complete interface redesign for iOS 8 and all new iPhone sizes.

Two new settings:

  • Slide to unlock
    (recommended when using the app with young children.)
  • Echo On / Off
    (Freestyle mode only.)

"Multitasking" has been renamed to "Play in background".

Buy Bloom (iPhone) on iTunes: $3.99

It ain't much, but at least this popular classic app is not entirely abandoned.

Ziad Sarrouh - Eastern Wind (Oriental Electronic Jam)

Ziad Sarrouh combines 2 iPads and a whole bunch of Korg and Roland gear on this live jam.

Video Description:

Oriental flavored jam I did today in Studio A, Beirut while testing my live rig. I revolves around a line I programmed on the Volca Sample to test the song mode. Biggest challenge was setting up all the cameras (android phone, ipad, kodak Zi8, GoPro Hero 2) and rigging them around the set. Second biggest challenge was getting my fat fingers to play nicely with the mini (micro) keys.

Check out my channel for more jams and music videos and subscribe to get updated on new stuff.

Gear used:

  • Volca Bass
  • Volca Keys
  • Volca Sample
  • Arturia MicroBrute
  • Aira TR-8
  • Aira SYSTEM-1
  • Oriental Strings iOS app on iPad mini
  • Akai LPK 25

  • Volca Keys and Bass sequenced by Genome sequencer on ipad with iRig midi.

    TR-8 providing master clock for all

    Buy Oriental Strings on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, $54.99)

    Buy Genome on iTunes: $12.99

    Reason - A Thousand Words

    Since WholeWorldBand's release a year ago I haven't seen a lot of great results, or at least any worth sharing. Reason gives us the most shareable entry so far in his track, A Thousand Words.

    Buy WholeWorldBand on iTunes: Freemium