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iOS 8.1 Jailbreak Released - Hold Off Though!

Apple released iOS 8.1 on Monday, and on Wednesday Pangu released a jailbreak for it! Pangu are the Chinese hackers that brought us the iOS 7.1 jailbreak. As with the previous version there are the usual suspicions involved with installing stuff from shady Chinese hackers, so I let the dust settle before reporting this now!

The good news is it works, and if you install it correctly you won't have any weird extraneous Chinese hacker stuff on your system... just the weird Chinese hacker stuff you want! The bad news is this is kind of a public "pre-release" build. Things are not as stable as you may have come to expect from previous jailbreaks. There are a number of issues relating to the way Cydia manages the filesystem, disappearing camera rolls, and even dreaded boot-loops. There are a number of serious problems related to TouchID, Passcode, and Find My iPhone.

I've been poking around at it myself, that's my iPhone 5 in the screenshot here. After a lot of consideration I am afraid I do not feel confident enough in this to recommend it yet. I wanted to get this warning up for those of you who may see the jailbreak news over the weekend though: Just give it a couple of a weeks! Most of the Cydia tweaks need to be updated to iOS 8 anyhow.

For those of you totally comfortable with installing .deb packages from SSH and getting elbow deep in shell scripts then I'll point you to this thread on /r/Jailbreak with some helpful advice on making it work.

Otherwise just hold off for a bit! You might want to start thinking about updating your devices to 8.1 if you intend to jailbreak them, because Apple will probably address this exploit in a new patch shortly. Apple will still probably be signing 8.1 for at least a few weeks though, so there is no rush to update now.

I'll be following developments. My beloved Display Recorder isn't on 8.1 yet!

B-Step Sequencer 2 - Update 2.0

Monoplugs' already elaborate step-sequencer B-Step Sequencer 2 just got a massive update!

What's new in B-Step Sequencer 2 v2.0:

We kept the B-Step 1 base and built a lot of useful stuff on top of that.

For the right groove in your set, we have added an advanced shuffle mode. Now you can add the shuffle modifications to every second 16th, 8th or 4th. You can modify the timing, velocity and duration of the notes in the shuffle grid.

To fill the pattern, you can use the Sequencer Ratcheting features (Step Repeats). This is ideal when you want to create drum rolls, arpeggios or experimental stuff.

Different measurements? Sure! You can reduce the pattern length down to 1/16th or increase the length by adding some Non-Linear Playback features.

Polyphony: control up to 4 synthesizers independently with one instance of B-Step. Just split it into 4 sequence groups and share the things you like between.

When you need speed you can use the Multidrag feature which allows you to copy a slider or button state to all others on the fly.

Also, you don't have to remember the slider states anymore — now just click it and the value will pop up.

Scales? We have that covered also. You can fill the chords randomly with notes from scales.

Control and Program Changes can be sent for each step.

Buy B-Step Sequencer 2 on iTunes: $16.99

Mouse On Mars: WretchUp App

German Electronica pioneers Mouse On Mars have finally released their long awaited WretchUp app. They were initially seeking Indiegogo funding 2 years ago, so it is a relief to many that they have finally come through. Thanks to Palm Sounds for this good news!

WretchUp iTunes Description:

An effect instrument anyone can play, from Mouse on Mars.
It's sonic anarchy in the palm of your hand.

WretchUp is the sonic instrument from the imagination of Mouse on Mars Instruments. Used by the duo in their live performances, it's a playable effect inspired by analog hardware. Sing into it, speak into it, plug in an instrument, sample sounds, and then make sonic mayhem.

It's been tested in Mouse on Mars' live shows and used in studio albums. But now it's available to anyone - whether you're a musician wanting to create unique sounds or you just want to make some wild noises and frighten friends and enemies.


  • Pitch-shifted delay with feedback and filter
  • Unique controls, designed to be used in live performance and tested onstage
  • Play with gestures, even without looking closely at the screen
  • Record vocals or instruments from the built-in mic or another input
  • Sample loops and change their speed
  • Adjust the feedback loop, pitch, and filter for unique sounds
  • Make inputs by holding down your finger, or lock input for continuous sampling

Buy WretchUp (iPhone) on iTunes: $3.99

csGrain Updated as Audiobus Effect

Boulanger Labs' csGrain can finally be used as an Audiobus effect!

What's new in csGrain v1.3:

  • Audiobus filter port added
  • iOS 8 optimized
  • This version supports iOS 7.0 and later

Buy csGrain on iTunes: $9.99

Swoopster Update

Swoopster joins Holderness Media's Caramel and Crystalline with a major update adding MIDI over Bluetooth!

What's new in Swoopster v1.2:

Swoopster 1.2 introduces a new Settings screen with features including Input/Output gain, Latency settings, Bluetooth MIDI and more. Be sure to check out the video tutorials in the app to learn how to use all this cool new stuff.

I don't want to be annoying while you're in the creative zone, so rather than adding a pop up asking you to leave a review and killing the vibe while you're in the middle of working on music, I'll just ask you nicely here. Don't forget to leave a rating/review on the AppStore if you love Swoopster! Your support here helps a lot, and keeps me motivated. I appreciate it!

New Features:

  • Receive MIDI over Bluetooth LE (*requires iOS 8, located in Settings screen)
  • Input/Output gain per channel (located in Settings screen)
  • Adjustable latency (located in Settings screen)
  • Clear MIDI Learn settings button (located in Settings screen)
  • update Audiobus SDK
  • minor bugfixes for iOS 8

Buy Swoopster on iTunes: $4.99

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