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VoxSyn by VirSyn

VirSyn brings us another innovative app on iOS! VoxSyn is a Universal "vocal sound generator" that uses your own voice as the source, with a stylish hexagonal layout to play it. VoxSyn arrives on sale at an introductory price of $7.

VoxSyn iTunes Description:

VoxSyn turns your voice into the most flexible vocal sound generator ever. Instantly following even subtle modulations of pitch and spectral changes of your voice VoxSyn creates signature vocal sounds far beyond traditional vocoding.

Talk or sing into the microphone and you’ll trigger various synthesizer sounds following your voice pitch or the notes touched on the hexagonal keyboard / external MIDI Keyboard. The basic sounds are selected from a vast pool of predefined sounds from the famous TERA synthesis engine which can be further expanded by its unique random sound generator.

The harmonic table note layout visualizes your voices pitch in realtime and also let you play notes for more traditional vocoder effects.

VoxSyn is Audiobus compatible and can be used in the Input, Filter and Output slots in the Audiobus signal chain.

The output can be recorded to an audio file which you can use with other Apps and programs for further processing.


  • Voice control of pitch and timbre
  • 22-channel Vocoder
  • Integrated preset synthesizer engine
  • Hundreds of presets included
  • Hi-end Reverb and Chorus/Delay/Distortion/Phaser effects
  • Share/Export of audio recordings
  • CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI and Background audio
  • Inter App Audio compatible
  • Audiobus 2 support (Input/Filter/Output) with state saving

Buy VoxSyn on iTunes: $6.99

NoteTracks Update

NoteTracks got an interesting update today. In addition to new Overdub Recording, the app gains iOS 9 Picture in Picture support so that you can collaborate with Facetime. iPad Pro users also gain pressure sensitive drawing with Pencil support.

What's new in NoteTracks v1.0.4:

  • Overdub Recording (Record a new track while another one is playing)
  • Picture in Picture iPad (Use FaceTime while on a Notetracks project)
  • Marker labels (Add text to a marker by double tapping it)
  • iPad Pro w/ Pencil support (Pressure sensitive drawing on a Sketch track)
  • Pitch / Speed fix
  • Enhanced Customer messaging support (Message us for any questions)

Buy NoteTrackson iTunes: $9.99

Data Broth - Schrödinger's Map

Reader Data Broth got some great sounds out of his Volca Sample and Volca Keys on this one! Nice, gentle, glitch here!

Video Description:

drums and bass on volca sample, glitched noises on volca keys, no other gear or effects used, dry signals

Lamb of God - Still Echoes (Guitar Cover)

This week we've had some interesting discussions on labels within the genre of Metal here. YouTuber smejky007 gives us a taste of some highly technical modern Metal in this cover of Lamb of God. My fingers hurt just watching his.

Video Description:

Epiphone les paul studio + Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickup -- iRig HD -- Jam up pro -- Audiobus -- Garage Band

Check out my band Uprise from the Ashes:

Buy JamUp Pro on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Live Loops Garageband Jam

YouTuber PlanetSideGaming has more subscribers than you and, judging by his hands, he's also at least 30 years younger than you. Goood, gooooood. Let the hate flow through you. Give in to your anger. Your hate has made you powerful.

Video Description:

This song was recorded with Garage Band on the IPad 3.

Buy GarageBand on iTunes: $4.99