thesoundtestroom: 5 SynthMaster One Instances in iOS 12

iOS 12 is upon us! The end is nigh! Let he who hath understanding reckon the number of the iOS. God's wrath with the wicked is the assurance of his mercy and love for the righteous. Now hear ye in the distance how the wretched cry, "Why didn't I wait to update? Now my shit is fucked."

This is mostly just an incremental update, so there is no reason to expect a lot of problems if you do update. But this is my annual remind that there will always be some problems. I've already seen about a dozen apps scramble out updates to fix iOS 12 bugs. Just give it time. Most developers don't bother with the iOS beta, so they're only now finding out about any bugs. Give them a month or two to get things sorted.

You may be very tempted to rush to update this year when you hear the promise of performance improvements on older devices. In deed, there are a lot of people who seem to be experiencing this immediate benefit to updating. But there seems to be a cut off on performance gains around the iPad Air 2. I've been watching mixed reports from iPad Air 1 users, but most seem to think it didn't improve things at all.

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom is fortunate enough to have an iPad Air 2! Previously he could only run 3 instances of SynthMaster One before his CPU crapped out, but now on iOS 12 he's able to run 5!

Video Description:

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Bamboo Flute & SpaceCraft Jam at the Park

YouTuber Daniel Eastman is the latest person to impress the hell out of me with their performance in SpaceCraft. He's taken a Bamboo Flute out into the forest where he sits and jams for a bit into SpaceCraft. He then tweaks the samples in SpaceCraft for more fun! This reminds me of a performance I posted last week by Maria Calfa-DePaul, using a Native American Flute in SpaceCraft.

Video Description:

I went on a short hour long hike before sitting down to make some music with my iPad and a bamboo flute (from I’ve had for a while and havn’t been playing lately. It was getting dark fast and the video ended up a bit grainy looking from the low light and considering it was just my phone taking the video.

Flute playing stops and SpaceCraft tinkering starts around 5:10

I haven’t played the flute in a while, so it’s a bit rough at times. There are a few notes I boldly tried anyway. I added delay and reverb to smooth out the fact that I am not a flute player :P

The flute was played into the iOS app SpaceCraft for a few drone notes. I also tapped on my travel coffee mug to get some percussive sounds and put that in the Spacecraft app as well for percussion.

Thanks for watching!

Preview: Auraglyph Improvisation

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this demo from Spencer Salazar of the upcoming modular app Auraglyph! They bill this as "an infinite modular music sketchpad" and it looks like a lot of fun!

Zentric Egg - a train across an infinite plain

Reader Zentric Egg is on a roll with another impressive music video. This one is intensely trippy! This is so mad that I think if you are actually on any hallucinogenic drugs right now, you might wait until you come down.

Video Description:

New trippy music video from Zentric Egg!

SynthScaper Tutorial: Part 2

Almost Aviation already spent an hour on SynthScaper in Tutorial Part 1. Now he's back with another hour to dig even deeper into this massively complex app.

Video Description:

Digging deeper with SynthScaper. It may help if you have watched Part1 first.

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