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iOS Update Vol. 71: IK Multimedia AmpliTube Orange

In this week's Sweetwater iOS Update, Mitch Gallagher checks out IK Multimedia's latest AmpliTube iteration, Orange.

Buy AmpliTube Orange (iPhone) on iTunes: $14.99

Buy AmpliTube Orange for iPad on iTunes: $14.99

hearEQ - Ear Training for EQ

Yesterday Alex, from Ten Kettles Development, sent me a promo code for their new app hearEQ. An unique Universal ear training app for learning EQ! This is quite a novel concept for an app and I immediately sank into it.

hearEQ iTunes Description:

Every frequency range has a colour, a quality, a character. For sound engineers, musicians, and other enthusiasts, knowing how to apply this to an equalizer (EQ) can make a transformational change to your sound—whether you're mixing a live concert, a recording, or even playing music through iTunes.

It's a simple app with a powerful promise: if you learn the qualities of each frequency band—for example, cutting 4kHz puts sound in the background—then you can make equalization work for you, and truly transform your sound into something professional and beautiful.

hearEQ uses your favourite songs to create custom ear training exercises that a) teach you all about frequency bands, and b) help you really hone your EQ skills. A standard 10-band equalizer is used, just like you'd find in iTunes and on many professional sound mixers. Your song will be played back with a simple equalization applied—and you guess what it was!

• Was it really clear, maybe a bit hollow? Could be a 1000 Hz cut.

• Was it muddy? Maybe that's a 500 Hz boost.

• Was it really present, almost too in-your-face? Sounds like a 4kHz boost.

Ten questions, ten frequencies, and then you get a score. Want to focus on just a few frequency bands to start? You can do that too. Keep at it, and you'll be an EQ master in no time.

Buy hearEQ on iTunes: $0.99

EQing is something I seem to struggle with a lot. I'll have all my EQ bands set up one day, and then the next day listening to the same exact source I'll feel like it's too muddy or shrill. I hoped that this app would help with that by giving me a better idea of what to listen for. When I started off I was basically guessing, "Uhh, I guess the low end sounds louder?" After half an hour with the app I had a noticeable improvement to my score, but I was also thinking in much clearer terms too! "Oh, this sounds like the 4k range is being boosted! It isn't as nasally as the 2k and is definitely not has high as the 8k." I just kind of knew it from listening closely for a while. For an app to teach that for a buck seems like a pretty good deal!

This uses songs from your iTunes library, so make sure you have something in there that is harmonically rich!

forScore 7.0 Update

Premier sheet music app forScore was updated today, adding new features like the ability record and share your performances.

What's new in forScore v7.0:


  • Record and review your practice sessions or share them with friends and colleagues
  • Track binding now works with locally stored audio files: download them via Dropbox, the in-app browser, or import them from other apps
  • Slow down recordings and audio files to three-quarter or half speed
  • Use Replay to save page turns with an audio track and let pages turn themselves on subsequent plays


  • Split scores into sections and save them as sequentially-numbered files
  • Duplicate pages with a single tap and move them without tapping and holding first
  • If you accidentally delete a page, use the undo button to bring it back


  • Draw dynamic shapes like crescendos and slurs in any color you like
  • Text annotations are no longer interactive when using the draw tool
  • The default set of stamps now includes notes, dotted notes, and dotted rests


  • Add TXT, RTF, DOC, or DOCX files to your library and they’ll be automatically converted to PDFs
  • Download text files through Dropbox or the in-app browser or import them from other apps

Buy forScore on iTunes: $6.99

While I couldn't find an official video for this release, I did find this recent video from Robin Giebes explaining why it is her favorite app. Her tempo in this video is crazy! It should be noted that while I'm writing this I am quite heavily caffeinated and I'm amused to see anyone talking as fast as I'm thinking right now. She even closes with a haiku. I think I'm in love, but don't tell my husband.

Behringer X32 - OS v2.0 Review

Sonic State has a new video review for the latest OS upgrade to Behringer's popular X32 line of mixers. At $2,800 this is almost affordable for a home studio. Since the mixers can be remotely controlled via an iPad you can save $2,000 by skipping the version with the faders and just get the 1U rack for $800 that has all of the same I/O. There is reportedly some problem with the iPad app on OS 2.0, but that should be patched soon.

Buy X32-Mix on iTunes: Free

Buy X32-Q on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

MIDI Designer Mock Up Across a Keyboard

MIDI Designer developer Dan Rosenstark posted this impressive looking 3D render to the MATRIXSYNTH Facebook Lounge. Here you see all of the pages in the Casio XW version of MIDI Designer, if they were laid out on a physical keyboard.

I've been thinking a lot recently about virtual space vs. "real" (physical) space and control. I finally got a 3D artist to do a rendering. This one is for our layout for the Casio XW keyboards... one for our massive layouts for the Roland U.S. JD-990 would probably be more appropriate for this lounge, but anyway... this is just a fun concept image. Hope you dig it and don't mind the plug.

Buy MIDI Designer XW on iTunes: Free

Update: This pic generated some interesting comments, and an even more interesting response! One of the members of the MATRIXSYNTH Lounge asked why all the fun apps are always on iOS and not on the other mobile platforms. Dan Rosenstark answers with some good technical reasons.

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