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Ableton today unveiled their latest iOS technology: Ableton Live Export. While Ableton Link has been a boon to everyone, this one is mostly just for Ableton Live users. If you are an Ableton Live user you'll be able to export optimized clips from supporting apps. So far that list of apps includes Blocs Wave, Triqtraq, and Patterning. They've opened up the SDK though, so we'll probably see a lot more in the near future.

Even if you have no interest in exporting to Ableton Live, this promo video featuring Olmypia Noise Co.'s Ben and Triqtraq developer Sebastian looks like a lot of fun!

Video Description:

Ben from Patterning and Sebastian from Triqtraq join Martin from Ableton for a jam session across platforms using Link and the new Export Live Set feature.

In a growing number of apps you can save your ideas as Live Sets – complete with audio and MIDI clips.

If you are a developer and would like to learn more about Export visit:

Patterning Updated with Ableton Live Set Export

Patterning, from Olympia Noise Co., is among the first apps to now include Ableton's latest iOS technology: Ableton Live Set Export. As with TriqTraq, the new export option will make it easy to you to transfer your creations into Ableton Live. If you do not have Ableton Live, both apps now include vouchers for the free Live 9 Lite.

What's new in Patterning : Drum Machine v1.2:

Ableton Live Set Export.
You can now create and export an Ableton Live Set directly from Patterning! Don't have Live? Ableton Live 9 Lite is available free for Patterning users.

Export Settings
Consolidated "Export" menu for exporting Ableton Live Sets, Audio, and Patterning (.onps) files.
You can now export audio from "All Patterns," quickly generating loops of your entire Patterning project at once.

Bug Fixes.
Audiobus Remote bug fix.
Fixed bug with animations on iOS 10.
Various bug fixes.

Triqtraq Updated with Ableton Live Set Export

Triqtraq is the first app to be updated with Ableton's new Ableton Live Set Export. This new export format is designed to make it easy to transfer multitrack creations from your apps into an Ableton Live session. This update also includes several new sample kits!

What's new in Triqtraq v1.7.0:

- Ableton Live Set Export: export Triqtraq Sessions as Ableton Live Sets containing separate Audio Tracks and Scenes
- Triqtraq now comes bundled with Ableton Live 9 Lite (get your copy via Menu - Export - Ableton Live Set)
- New Sample Kits: Berlin (Drums), Subbd (Bass), Electric Bass 3 (Bass), CrunchedSynth (Keys)

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Terra Nova Music's Animaal: Presets for Animoog

Terra Nova Music, in association with, have released a collection of 55 new presets for Animoog. Not only that though, you get 134 new nature timbres in the pack! Their distribution is a little weird. You need to buy some sample tracks off Bandcamp, and then they'll email you the presets and timbres.

Animaal: Presets for Animoog

55 presets based on 134 new timbres derived from the sounds of hermit thrushes, humpback whales, seventeen year cicadas, superb lyrebirds, snowy tree crickets, various tree frogs, swamp demons, rainforest ambiences from Senegal and Cameroon, purring cats and European marsh warblers--quite simply, the best more-than-human musicians on the planet.

The cognoscenti will realize that Animoog works with wavetables, not samples, so music programmer extraordinaire Matthew Aidekman has painstakingly converted nature sound samples collected by interspecies musician David Rothenberg into timbres that Animoog can use, and assembled them to make some of the most unique musical tools ever contained on an iPad.

To get these fabulous presets, SIMPLY BUY THE SOUND PACK (which includes the musical examples on this Bandcamp page) from Terra Nova Music AND WE'LL SEND YOU A ZIP FILE with all the presets and timbres and documentation. You will then install them onto your iPad using iFunbox or any other file management program.

Animaal: Presets for Animoog: $3.99

The demo video is quite interesting. It's amazing how well they've manage to preserve the natural sounds in the timbres, but it all takes on a uniquely Animoog tone.

Takete - Hidden UI features

Developer RefinedStochastic has released a video to show off some of the hidden features in Takete. As a bonus, we also get to hear the correct pronunciation for the app's name!

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