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Pi-xl - Electromagnética 

Pi-xl did an excellent synth jam as part of the Primer Certamen MIDI de Electromagnética contest. He makes good use of Voice Synth with his headset to add some texture on the track. I really loved this one!

Video Description:

Video created for the 1st Contest Electromagnetic Midi.

Equipment used:

  • Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard
  • Volca Bass
  • Ipad mini & Akai Mini Mpk (Voice)
  • Ableton Live 9 (Master) controlled Akai APC20, Doepfer PocketControl and Cme UF7.
  • Buy Voice Synth on iTunes: $9.99

    MusicIO: MIDI over USB Demo

    Colin from The Sound Test Room brings us a demo of MusicIO: MIDI over USB. Here he will walk you through the setup process of connecting to the Mac version from an iPad, and then configuring it all in Ableton Live.

    Buy MusicIO: MIDI over USB on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

    Frozen Lonesome - Secret Shadows

    Reader Steve Raizen, aka Frozen Lonesome, has released a new album that he produced, recorded, and mastered on an iPad 3 last month for February Album Writing Month. This industrial album is somewhat meandering, but a high tempo and sense of urgency keeps it too lively to be described as ambient.

    Buy Frozen Lonesome - Secret Shadows on Bandcamp: Name Your Price

    Keys: Modular LED Music Keyboard

    Keys is the latest crowd-funding campaign that seeks your precious dollars in exchange for future instruments! This magnetically linked Modular keyboard is looking like a winner, with their Indiegogo campaign already reaching 71% of their $50,000 goal in less than 24 hours. Although I'm not sure how surplus Roland D-Beams are "next-generation gesture recognition technology," the new keyboard does seem to offer a lot for mobile musicians.

    Keys is a keyboard designed for the novice and configurable for a pro. Learn your favorite songs in minutes through LED lit keys and create beautiful music without any previous experience. Plug into any device or computer and launch the app. It's that simple.

    Keys is an all-in-one keyboard designed to make life simple and mobile for the musician in everyone. Compatible with your mobile phone or computer, the possibilities are endless.

    Each of the 24 keys are equipped with LED lights that can each illuminate 192 different colors. Weighted keys allow you to modify the sound output based on pressure and resistance for “piano like” expressions.

    Keys is equipped with next-generation gesture recognition technology so you can control various parameters by just waving your hand above the keyboard. Wave your hand to the right and change the octave up. Lower and raise your hand to change the tone.

    You can magnetically link Keys devices together to create a larger keyboard or to other modules like Knobs and Pads to create custom music surfaces.

    You can pick up your own Keys for $100, or if you're extremely fast you can get in on the early bird special of $88.

    LK - Live Controller

    LivKontrol developer Imaginando has released a new Freemium Ableton Live control surface, LK - Live Controller. The IAPs are currently unavailable at this time, and the app was asking me to signup for some shit so I didn't explore it very far. It looks like each of the Modules will be a separate purchase, for a price not specified on iTunes or their website.

    LK - Live Controller iTunes Description:

    LK - Live Controller is a sofisticated remote controler application for music software and hardware, featuring a tight integration with Ableton Live. Easy costumization with 4 independent modules, intuitive use, creative tools and ways to control or compose makes LK a powerful companion for any electronic musician.

    See what’s inside:

    • Control almost every aspect on Ableton Live, from composition to automation, clips, tracks, devices and much more with LAUNCHPAD.
    • Get the MPC feel on your touchscreen with MIDI PADS, featuring an arpeggiator and chorder.
    • Extensive control through 128 parameters with MIDI Controler.
    • Three dimensional parameter tweaking with X/Y pad

    Buy LK - Live Controller on iTunes: Freemium

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