Electronisounds: AUM + Perforator - MIDI CC Automation

Dean from Electronisounds brings us a great tutorial on how to use Perforator's MIDI output for automation, or "parameter locks", inside of other apps. Dean has also recently released a new jam that is worth checking out.

Video Description:

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Henny Tha Bizness: Create Custom Looks & Luts in Luma Fusion

Henny Tha Bizness has always had some great looking videos and here he shares the secret with Look Up Tables (Luts) in Luma Fusion. If you'd like you can also buy a pack of 10 Luts from Henny's website for $5.

Video Description:

After so many of y’all hit me up about how to find or make #LUTS and filters for your videos I decided to give up the goods 👌🏼💪🏼👍🏼 ... find out how to create dope looks, presets and LUTs in #lumafusion


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Igor Vasiliev - Space ambient

Developer Igor Vasiliev produced some spacey ambient music on his SynthScaper and FieldScaper apps, with a little help from vintage gear! I have to confess I've never even heard of the Akai MFC42 filter module.

Video Description:

Live improvisation with iPad apps SynthScaper and FieldScaper (using factory presets). And also with three magic boxes as sound sources for FieldScaper app and Roland Juno-60 with Akai MFC42 and Space Echo RE-201. Recorded on Tascam Portastudio 424 mk III. Without post-processing. More about these apps on site: http://motion-soundscape.blogspot.com

SynthScaper - synthesizer specially designed for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes in wide range from noises to melodic instruments and everything in between.

FieldScaper - advanced field recorder combined with a sound warp engine and a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone. Discover new ways to create and construct unusual and exciting sounds from any environmental audio recordings or samples recorded from other apps through Inter-App audio or Audiobus.

Robot Jam Session

YouTuber Erin RobotGrrl visited the workshop of Jesse Stewart where he makes musical MIDI robots. Here he uses AUMI, an app designed for people with poor motor function, as a musical controller for robots.That is, the robot is controlling the app as a musical interface! This is both insane and inventive!

Video Description:

Robots making music with DIY midi instruments controlled by computer vision software running on an iPad. We explored and played around with the different sounds that can be made.

A collaboration with Robot Missions, Jesse Stewart, and MadeMill!

This was plenty of fun, and this video gives a glimpse into it. Just playing around, trying new things, and coming away with new ideas to try. :)

Filmed inside of the solar powered Innovation Pod - super cool.

For more information:

Thank you Jesse, Tom, Will, and MadeMill crew for your help in making this happen!


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pantsofdeath: Groove Rider GR-16 Noodling

Reader pantsofdeath attempted to do a video explaining all of Groove Ride in 10 minutes. He missed the mark by just a bit, but this is still a nicely condensed intro to the app. There is also a new Kronecker Overview.

Video Description:

Ha, well, turns out grooverider in under 10 minutes is harder to do than I though... oh well..

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