haQ attaQ: KLEVGR DAW LP │ BadBoy Vinyl Emulation for iPad

Jakob Haq takes a look at the new DAW LP app from Klevgränd. I love the demo track he's using for this one!

Video Description:

DAW LP by KLEVGR brings BadBoy Vinyl Player Simulation to iPad, Mac and PC. That's right, spice up your tracks with some turntable ear candy! Simulate scratched vinyl records, dusty pickup needles and bad cables. Want to hear want DAW LP really sounds like? Want to learn about RIAA amplification and equalization? Check this out!

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Little Rocker by Aleksandar Mlazev

Aleksandar Mlazev released Little Rocker, a new distortion effect to join his growing line of AUv3 effects apps!

In addition to the grit you'd expect from a distortion effect, Little Rocker also includes speaker emulation for an extra layer to your sound. Little Rocker is also Universal!

Little Rocker iTunes Description:

Whole guitar sound with innovative distortion effect, speaker simulation and reverb. You can control the speaker simulation mode using a slider. The effect has huge amount of low end and a nice smooth sound.
Little Rocker can work as an audio unit effect AUv3 and also as a stand alone app so you will need nothing more than this app and a connection to your guitar to rock hard.

The virtual speaker is not a simple impulse response simulation but a complex algorithm adding resonances and multiple phase changes to the signal.

- Gain
- Level
- MOD - virtual speaker mode.
- Reverb

Electronisounds: Beatmaker 3 - Techno Kick Drum Rumble

Dean from Electronisounds gets down and nerdy with a great technique for making your kick drum rumble!

Video Description:


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MyCity MySounds by ZKM Karlsruhe

ZKM Karlsruhe released MyCity MySounds, an app that has been many years in the making! While not necessarily a music app, I think this idea of recording city soundscapes offers an interesting opportunity for sound designers. The app encourages people to record their city from all over the world.

From the app, or from their website, you can listen to other people's recordings.Today's news stories have been greatly delayed by me doing exactly that. Exploring the map and listening to sounds all over the world can be a deeply fascinating time-sink!

MyCity MySounds iTunes Description:

Explore and capture the sound scapes of your city.

The MyCityMySounds player allows you to play sound walks created and shared by the hundreds of sound artists all over the world. In addition, the designer allows you to create and upload your own media from anywhere using your exact GPS coordinates.

This app is realized by the collaboration of ZKM Karlsruhe, Medea Electronique Athens, and Onassis Cultural Center Athens within the framework of the Interfaces project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

thesoundtestroom: EGSY01 - Amazing Synth For Retro Sci-Fi

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom shows off the great sounds you can get out of EGSY01. Just yesterday Elliott Garage's EGSY01 was updated with AUv3 support!

Video Description:

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