Groove Rider GR-16 Update

Groove Rider GR-16, from Jim Pavloff, got a major update with MIDI Out! This includes Virtual MIDI out ports. The update also includes one-shot mode for user samples, new parameters to control and edit samples, as well as changes to the sequencer.

What's new in Groove Rider GR-16 v1.4.0:

In this version (1.4.0):
- iPhone X display support added;
- Midi Out & VIrtual Midi Out ports added (need to be enabled in Settings menu);
- Pitch knob behavior changed: now it changes pitch by semitones; hold SHIFT for precise pitch adjustment;
- added one-shot mode for user samples. Use "Sample Mode" parameter in Part settings menu to select One-Shot mode for specific part;
- "Sample Loop" parameter is now renamed to "Sample Mode" and represents 3 states: Off, Loop and One-Shot;
- new buttons on the sample view. These parameters are now accessible from the sample view screen as small buttons: Edit Controls Type (Dist / Smpl), Sample Mode (Loop / One-Shot), Sample Re-Pitch;
- added new utility function: Empty Current Pattern. It clears all notes and automation data on all parts of current pattern, but leaves any sound settings intact. This is useful to quickly make blank-templates out of factory preset patterns from Bank A;
- fixed: Midi Input port events jitter (inaccurate notes timing);
- fixed: bug with "short C-1 note", which sometimes could appear at empty steps in your patterns;
- fixed issue, when, if used with AUM, the skin settings were always resetting to default skin;
- new behavior in EDIT+SEQ mode: tapping any note in the Step Editor will remember it; you can then use Shift+Pad to insert remembered note to another steps. It can be used, for example, to copy individual steps/notes inside one Part track;
- new behavior in SEQ mode: tapping pads (steps) now acts like muting/unmuting them, not entirely deleting like it was before. So, you can tap the step again to get it back. However, when you save your pattern, all currently muted steps will not be saved. Also, you can tap Shift+Pad to clear the step and place a note with default values;
- fixed "Render Pattern Stems" issue: parts with Haas effect assigned are now exported in stereo;
- new factory patterns added (6 patterns demo called "Transparency");
- for those brave people, who still dares to use GR-16 on iPhone 4S: user interface is slightly optimized to better fit the screen.

YouTuber lfoone recently used Groove Rider in this Minimal Techno jam with Shoom.

haQ attaQ: Kosmonaut Has It All feat. Bram Bos Interview

Jakob Haq explores the new Kosmonaut effect in the latest haQ attaQ. He also interviewed developer Bram Bos, which you can hear interspersed throughout the demo of the app. As a fan of the English language I'd like to point out how cool it is that a Dutch developer can talk to a Swedish YouTuber, and we can all understand it!

Video Description:

Yes KOSMONAUT has it all! It's a multi effect plugin for iPad and iPhone and Bram Bos has crammed it full of goodies. The unit packs a Multitap delay, a tape looper, a filter, an auto-panner, a reverb unit, and a haas processor. Oh and the Haas processor includes a chorus-type effect-thing. Now since this is the first ever effect plugin that Bram Bos has made for iOS (so far, please make more) I just had to get an interview with him in order to find out more about the inner workings of Kosmonaut.


Secrets of the Hammond Organ feat. Galileo by Yonac

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel teaches us the history behind classic Hammond Organs, and other hardware, but we also end up learning about ourselves. This is a great combo of app demo with history!

Video Description:

Here are some tricks I've learned over the years to help sell your Hammond Organ playing and parts and make you sound more like an organist.

X Drummer Update

X Drummer, from Positive Grid Inc, was updated with Audio Import via the Files app; as well as iCloud, Dropbox, and good old Audio Paste.

What's new in X Drummer v1.5.7:

The 1.5.7 update includes the following:
- New: Audio Import function. You can now import audio tracks into X Drummer using My Files (iOS 11), iCloud, Dropbox, or Audio Paste!
- Song Editor UX optimization
- General bug fixes and performance improvements

thesoundtestroom: Industrial Factory Steam Punk Session

Doug from thesoundtestroom takes us into a Steam Punk Industrial Factory in this AUM jam session!

Video Description:

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